Saturday, 8 August 2015


When it comes to beauty, there are two things that I tend to keep an eye out for as they are qualities that I love.

One, is finding British companies as I’m a big advocate of buying British and supporting UK brands and the other is finding multi-use products.

Give me a product that has more than one use and I’m one happy lady and it often means I’ll be saving money, space on my dressing table and time!

 Win, win win.

I was recently introduced to a product called Serum45 which fulfils both of those criteria and has become a bit of a favourite product of mine.

Serum 45 is brand new to the market and is marketed as a skin repairing facial oil, though as I’ve found, it works beautifully on your body too.

 The oil has been created to help reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks as well as help rehydrate and tone dry, damaged skin and contains a new anti- ageing ingredient called PROlisseA.

PROlisseA is derived from sunflower seed oil and lupin seed coatings and has the ability to increase the synthesis of type 1 collagen (the most abundant collagen in your skin, which diminishes with age), giving your skin renewed firmness and elasticity.

But does it work?
Well, firstly, despite its name, this silky, lightweight product is actually an oil and a very lovely oil at that too.
Encased within a sleek and chic bottle, the yellow tinted product possesses a delicate, fresh citrus scent which personally I found really relaxing to breathe in after application.

I actually used the product on both my face and by body thanks to its multi-use qualities.

On application the oil was absorbed instantly into my skin leaving no greasy residue, though it did sit for slightly longer on my face than it did on my body, probably due to my oily/combination skin.

It was so rich I found that I didn’t need to use a moisturiser on my face after using it, though if you suffer with dry skin you may still feel the need to.

The first thing I noticed was how soft and silky my skin felt after using it (both on my face and body).

Even really dry, problem areas like my legs were left feeling nourished and moisturised without the need of a heavy body cream.

You can see how light the oil is by how runny it is! (Impossible to photograph!)

 I loved that I was able to get dressed immediately after using it too because it was absorbed so quickly, perfect for when you’re in a hurry!

While using the oil I suffered a hormonal breakout of spots on my chin (totally unrelated the product and a separate, ongoing issue) and I’m pretty sure the oil helped my skin to heal more quickly than it would usually.

I took a look at some of the ingredients and it contains Arnica Montana Flower Extract and Officinalis Flower Extract, both of which are known for their anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties, so there’s a fairly good chance that it may have helped with the healing.

I’ve used Serum45 on my face and body for almost 5 weeks now and I am very impressed indeed.

My skin is feeling gorgeously soft and smooth and even after using it twice daily, not particularly sparingly either, I still have loads left in my bottle.

At £24.99 for 100ml I reckon its great value for money and personally, a real gem of a find.

I know people can sometimes be wary of new brands and new products, but sometimes you take a punt and end up finding your new favourite beauty item, and I’m pretty sure you’ll love this one too.

You can get your own bottle of Serum45 online from their website now.

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  1. This sounds amazing I definitely love multi purpose products too for space and ease of time xx


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