Thursday, 6 August 2015

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Forever

Daisy Dream Forever is the stunning new fragrance from Marc Jacobs.

Inspired by eternal blue skies, Daisy Dream Forever is a unique and elegant addition to the Daisy Dream fragrance family.

It’s hard to express just how beautiful both this bottle and this fragrance is!

Let’s begin with the bottle.

Elegantly crafted, the bottle is the prettiest of blues and features lace-like, pastel blue frosted daisy details on the bottle’s curved shoulders.

The same sweet daisies adorn the domed, silver cap, creating a truly gorgeous bottle. It really catches your eye and stands out!

The fragrance itself is a deeper and richer scent in comparison to the original Daisy Dream but it still retains the same beautifully addictive, floral tones.

Top notes of Blackberry, Grapefruit and Pear offer a delicately sweet side to the fragrance while heart notes of Jasmine, Lychee and Blue Wisteria transform it into a more sophisticated, floral experience. 

Base notes of White Woods, Musks and coconut water bring all of the notes together to create a beautifully well rounded, luxuriously floral and sophisticated fragrance.

I think it’s a pretty playful scent and perfect for Daisy Dream lovers who are after something a little more intense, plus let’s face it, who wouldn’t want this bottle on their dressing table?

Daisy Dream Forever eau de parfum is available now and costs £59 for 50ml.


  1. The scent sounds gorgeous and it looks beautiful, definitely a treat I want to pick up now xxx

  2. I love the original, but tried this out in store the other day and love this too! How beautiful are the Marc Jacobs bottles?
    I love them and have them on my dresser :)

  3. Everytime I'm in Boot's or Debenham's I find myself sniffing at this, it's so lovely! And the bottle is so so stunning, as are most of Marc Jacobs' bottles. Definitely think that it's a very sophisticated scent.
    Also love this post and how descriptive you were of the scent, definitely overcame that barrier when reading perfume reviews of being unable to smell it at that point

    Paris x


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