Thursday, 20 August 2015

Grenade Carb Killa Protein Bars

For some time now I’ve been following a low carb high protein ‘diet’ to help me lose my remaining baby weight and ultimately try to be healthier.

As time’s gone on I’ve found the programme and lifestyle change pretty easy to adapt to and I really enjoy the way it makes me feel now- less bloated, less hungry and I tend to have more energy.

However, the one thing I really struggle with and miss is sugar, sweet treats and chocolate.

These types of treats offer low nutritional value, are high in sugar and carbs and although they taste yummy, do nothing to supplement my diet. Boo.

I did some research and looked into perhaps switching my choccie bars to protein bars, but even these were loaded with carbs as their primary use is to refuel and stock up on protein and carbs following a workout.


Finally, after extensive research I stumbled across a brand called Grenade and more specifically, a bar called Grenade Carb Killa.

These Carb Killa’s are a triple-layered, crunchy low carb high protein bar.

Now I’ll admit I was slightly off put by both the name and the packaging when I first saw them as they just screamed ‘For Men’ but I also know better than to judge a book by its cover so I found out a little more about them.
 Each 60g bar contains 23g of protein, 214 calories and just 13.5g of carbs. If you’ve ever bought a regular protein bar before, you’ll know that they often contain substantially more calories than this and certainly a whole heap more carbs, often double or triple this amount.

Available in 2 flavours, Caramel Chaos or Cookies and Cream each bar is made up of triple layers, filled with crunchy 'crispies' and coated in milk chocolate.

I LOVE the Caramel Chaos bars. The top layer is a yummy, rich, gooey caramel which sits atop a soft, nougart filled base, covered in a thin layer of milk chocolate with crispy soy crispies.

Unlike many protein bars that can taste pretty damn awful if I’m honest, these Carb Killa’s taste uh-mazing.

The closest thing I can compare it to in taste and texture would be a Mars Bar, but this bad boy will give you the boost of protein that your body needs without the carbs or sugar!

Designed to be eaten wherever and whenever you don’t need to just be on a low carb diet to enjoy these, indeed if you are following any kind of weight management plan they can be really helpful at helping to curb those pesky sweet cravings.

You want one now don’t you? Well fear not because if you head over to the Grenade website now and enter my unique discount code SARAH25 you can get 25% off your Carb Killa’s or anything else from their website (excluding bundles or special offers).

You can thank me later guys!

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