Saturday, 8 August 2015

Delilah Cosmetics Colour Blush

One of my most beloved blushers is my Delilah Colour Blush in Lullaby.

This stunning, pale pink shade is perfect for everyday use to offer the prettiest hint of colour.

It’s beautiful, right, but now you’re wondering who Delilah are?

Well, Delilah Cosmetics are one of the most beautiful, British cosmetics brands that I’ve had the pleasure of coming across.

 The brand has created a capsule collection of carefully formulated cosmetics which offers women a touch of understated luxury that can be enjoyed every day.

Their collection is jam packed full of stunning, wearable shades and luxurious forumulations which are all housed in the most perfectly designed compacts and packaging.
Aaah the packaging!!
Shiny and sleek gun metal grey coupled with the gentle, warming glow of rose gold is just stunning and so chic and modern!

The creators of Delilah were inspired by an abundance of quintessentially English influences and these are reflected in the packaging.

 You have the Britannia Metal (a traditional semi precious pewter coloured metal) the offers a modern quality to the range. Then there’s the Crown gold (a rose coloured gold introduced by Henry VIII to replace the gold sovereign) which runs through the whole line. 

Finally, of course, the beautiful pale pink Delilah rose, a true icon of British beauty.

So yes, the collection is stunning and once you get past the gorgeous-ness that is the packaging you find the most perfect products within.

This paraben free blush is lightweight and super silky which makes for easy application and blends beautifully over the skin to create a flawless look.

The powder contains a micronized formulation which helps to blur imperfections (how cool is that!) and the colour lasts all day long- though if like me you have slightly oily skin you may need a mid-day touch up.

I don’t have a bad thing to say about this blush, it’s just all round perfect and I LOVE Rose Gold!

Delilah’s Colour Blush is available in three wearable shades and costs £26.

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  1. The whole packaging is so luxurious and beautiful, really pretty shade too xx


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