Friday, 14 August 2015

Benefit Gimmie Brow

One of the many things Benefit do well are brow products and although I must admit then when they first launched Gimmie Brow I may have questioned the need for it, I certainly don’t now.

I use this bad boy every day and think it may just be one of the best brow products I’ve used.

Gimmie Brow is what I call a ‘mascara’ for your eyebrows. The product itself is a brush on fiber gel that adheres to your skin and hair, helping to create brows where there were none before.

Available in two shades (Light/Medium and Medium/Deep), the gel also coats the existing brows you do have, making them appear darker and thicker with just a flick of the brush.

The applicator brush is really teenie and its soft bristles make for perfect, precision application of the product.

To apply, Benefit suggest that you use short pressing motions then stroke the brush tip along your brow to define the shape before combing through to blend and build brows.

I do think it takes a bit of practice to get the most out of this product, but after several goes I reckon I nailed it.

I like to wriggle the brush through my brows to ensure every hair is coated before using the tip to smooth and shape them.

Gimmie Brow offers a far more natural brow look than applying powders which is great for a day time face and its so quick and easy to use its perfect for people who don’t have loads of time to spend on their make up, like me!

 It’s a great, water resistant long wearing product that lasts all day and is compact and cute so barely takes up any room in your make up bag.

Gimmie Brow is fairly expensive given its size at £18.50 for 3g, however if like me you plan on using this every single day then frankly I think it’s worth it.

Gimmie Brow is available to buy now.


  1. Love your photography and blog header, its so lovely! Very talented :)


  2. I did a review of this last week i think it was it is so good its probably my favourite brow product so far!

  3. I'd love to try this out but I'm all about defining my brows so I can't justify the price when I'd have to use it with other products!

    Just Little Things xo

  4. I really don't do anything with my brows at all as I'm far too scared to (I don't want to end up looking a fool!) but I really need to as they're not great, although they have grown out quite well now. This sounds like the perfect product to try as there's not a lot that could go wrong really x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

  5. Beautiful color, thank you for sharing.

  6. Hi Sarah, great pics! I have to say this is one of the best brow products I've used. Having an older sparse brow (over plucked years ago), I find it a good product.
    Your dog looks gorgeous btw ;)
    Heidi x

  7. The price of this has always put me off in the past but it looks and sounds amazing! x
    Elise - Celebricious x

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