Friday, 24 August 2012

Shu Uemura High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil

I never though i would be able to say this, but I absolutely LOVE cleansing oils.

As an oily skinned girl, the thought of applying oil to my face filled me with total and utter dread.

I am pleased to say though, I am now a complete convert and I have Shu Uemura to thank for this.

Earlier this year I was introduced to their High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil

It's fabulous I was told. 

It removes make up with ease, even your mascara and is so gentle on your skin.

Yeah right I thought, but out of curiosity a decided to get a bottle despite my scepticism, but mainly because I loved the pretty limtied edition bottle by Mamechiyo.

(Which as you can see, has been well used!)

 My one regret with this is that I didn’t bite the bullet and do it sooner.

This oil is now without a doubt, one of my all time favourite beauty items.

Before, I would remove the majority of my make up with face wipes, then use Vaseline to remove my eye make up, THEN cleanse. 
Lengthy, but it worked for me.

This oil makes my routine so much quicker.

Face full of make up

Don’t allow yourselves to be out off by the fact that yes, it does indeed both look and feel like an oil, although actually it’s slightly lighter in texture than most oils.

Using it is extremely simple.

Apply a few pumps to the palm of your hands and massage into your dry face. 

Don’t wet your skin before or it wont work.

I've just applied the oil to my face and am yet to massage it in. Notice the sheen!
You will be left looking a shiny, greasy mess, but don’t panic.

Continue to massage the oil around your face and witness your make up begin to melt away.
I have massaged the oil around my face and as you can see, my foundation has melted and my eyebrows have disappeared!

The oil is that good, that as you can see, yes, it does remove eye make up.

Sorry about the face!
Now, for the magic.

Wet your hands and begin to massage your face.

Witness the oil turn into a soothing, milky liquid that leaves your skin feeling as soft as a baby’s bottom and gorgeously clean.

At £28 for 150ml it isn’t the cheapest cleanser out there, but a little goes a long way and so far my bottle has lasted me since the start of the year.

So, what do you think? Have you tried cleansing oils? Do you love or loathe them?


  1. I'm looking a lot into cleansing oils lately, also syrums!
    I really like this post, informative and I love the way you've included informative pics! :P
    Think I may be trying this out!
    Madeleine xo

    1. Thanks Madeline! I know i always like to see how these things work so hope other people like it too! xx

  2. I tried a french brand of cleansing oil in this months Glossybox and I was really surprised at how soft my face felt afterwards. I'm definitely a convert like you!! xx

  3. The packaging is pretty, I've just tried the DHC cleansing oil xo

  4. I love cleansing oils. I haven't tried this particular one but it sounds great! You can make your own out of certain plant oils quite cheaply too.
    P.s. love the panda eye photo lol :) x


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