Friday, 24 August 2012

Lady Gaga Fame Eau De Parfum

After all the waiting it’s Finally here!

Lady Gaga has launched her debut fragrance Fame, her first fragrance from Haus Laboratories.

As has been widely reported, Lady Gaga Fame is the first ever black Eau de Parfum that sprays clear and becomes invisible when airborne.

Lady Gaga Fame is built around 3 main accords; dark, sensual; and light. 

The dark accord was inspired by Belladonna, the deadly nightshade. 

From the darkness the fragrance evolves to a sensual accord of opulence, a fusion of dripping honey, saffron & apricot nectar. 

Lastly, the light accord whispers magnificence with crushed Tiger Orchid & Jasmine Sambac.

I’ve been waiting what feels a lifetime to try this fragrance out and you know what, It wasn’t at all what I expected.

I expected a heady, dominating fragrance, yet despite the gothic packaging and bottle, the fragrance is actually surprising sweet and light.

The accords work together perfectly to create a pretty, floral, yet fruity fragrance.

In the words of the lady herself;
 Enjoy the first ever fragrance from Haus Laboratotries. Fame, a beautiful prospect with a dark heart. X GAGA

Lady Gaga Fame is available now. 30ml RRP £25, 50ml RRP £32, 100ml RRP £55.


  1. I like the concept, need to try this!! xo

  2. wow, we are still waiting for the parfume in the Czech Republic, but I hope that it will be in Sephora soon

  3. This looks awesome, I kinda love the novelty of the colour! x

  4. This sounds really interesting! I love the bottle too, would love to try it out!


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