Tuesday, 7 August 2012

ProActiv Solution

Thankfully I’ve never had a huge problem with spots.

Yes every now and then I get the odd pimple (actually they're more like volcanoes than  pimples to be fair) but several months ago I found myself breaking out ALL THE TIME.

I hadn’t changed my skincare regime or my diet and yet my skin had begun to erupt all over the place.

If you’ve ever had bad skin you’ll know how much this affects your confidence.

Now, on my quest to find a miracle cure for my teenage skin, i came across ProActiv on some  embarrassing TV Shopping channel.

The thing that caught my eye most was the fact that Katy Perry was fronting the campaign.
I do love Miss K P

‘’If it’s good enough for Katy, Its good enough for me’’ thought I, and I ordered it there and then.

It took me a further 2 weeks to pluck up the courage to use it. I remembered back to my school days where i would pour extra strong spot lotions all over my skin, leaving it sore and dry, and i was a little terrified that ProActiv may just cause my skin to react in the same way.

Anyway, I got over my issues and gave it a go.

ProActiv uses a 3 step system to clear skin;

* A cleanser to gently exfoliate dead skin cells

* A toner to smooth and soften your skin

* Repairing lotions (moisturisers) to hydrate skin while penetrating deep to the source of the blemish and work at preventing new breakouts. 

ProActiv Solution (Toner not pictured as I've actually used all of it!)
Now I know the packaging is not all that, but never judge a product by its bottle.

ProActiv Cleanser
The cleanser is a wonderful exfoliator and is incredibly gentle to your skin. Unlike other harsh products, your skin is left feeling smooth and soft, not tight and dry.

 (My Toner is not pictured as I've actually used all of it!)

 The toner is equally as pleasant; deliciously refreshing, fab at removing any residual make up and you are not left feeling like all the moisture in your skin has been sucked away by the alcohol content present in many toners.

ProActiv Repairing Day Lotion

With ProActiv you are given two moisturisers (sorry, Repairing Lotions) A day and a night one.

ProActiv Repairing Night Lotion

As with many other day/night lotions, the day cream is lighter than the night one, but both are non-greasy and super hydrating, soaking into the skin in a matter of minutes.

I used the products religiously and have done so for around 6 weeks now and boy am i impressed.

Not only do I not have a single spot in sight but my skin has flourished and now radiates health. 

I needn’t have worried about the ProActiv system being full of strong, harsh lotions and potions that would strip my skin dry. 

It is soothing, calming and exceptionally effective.

You can order your ProActiv Solution Core System from their website now for £39.98.

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