Tuesday, 28 August 2012

I've Gone Potty For Plum! Clarins A/W Collection

What did you do this bank holiday weekend lovelies?

I spent it playing around with some of the gorgeous new products from the  Clarins Autumn/Winter collection.

 Featuring wholesome, earthy, autumnal tones (which I love) the Limited Edition Collection is another stunning range from one of my favourite brands.

Because I love and tust Clarins and for those reason alone, I decided to bite the bullet and go against eveything I've ever believed in (beauty wise at least)

 I decided to try out their new coloured Instant Definition Mascara in Intense Plum  (£20)

Whaaaaaatt?? Purple mascara?
Yes indeed you may laugh.

While I undenyably loved the rich, autumnal plum shade, I was somewhat concerned about actually using it myself.

It turns out that  I needent have been so worried.

Suitable for even sensitive eyes, the formula brushes on easily and builds well without clumping. 

The Intense Plum wasn’t actually all that intense (phew!)
 The mascara left me with lashes that looked 
gorgeous and I’m convinced, brought out the green of my eyes!
Result! Never again will I shy away from coloured mascaras! (Unless they're blue....)

I decided to compliment my new, Plum lashes with a pretty lavender/aubergine shadow.

L-R Aubergine, Lavender Tea, Sparkle White
Say hello to Clarins Ombre Minerale Eye Shadows in Sparkle White, Lavender Tea and Aubergine (£16 each).
Sparkle White

These gorgeous, highly pigmented mineral powders offer a long lasting look with a super soft texture.
They can be applied wet or dry and leave you with a gorgeous, satiny finish.

Lavender Tea

The colours are easy to build depending on the look you are going for and compliment each other perfectly.


 I even used some of the Sparkle White shadow to hi-light my brow and cheek bones.

The shadows are available in 16 shades, so there is something for everyone, though Aubergine and Lavender Tea are certainly my favourite!

What do you think? Would you try a coloured mascara?


  1. It's a gorgeous mascara, definitely not too intense! I don't know if I'd wear a coloured mascara, I dabbled in blue mascara when I was about 14, it didn't go well, as you can imagine! x
    Sirens and Bells

  2. oh my!!! ill take the palette please! ;)

  3. great buys :) the plum shades suit you really well!!.. i would try it if it was a subtle as urs.. x


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