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Wednesday 28th March- 2 Days In

Wednesday 28th March- 2 days In

Success, I managed to sleep relatively well last night!

I've got the hang of going to the loo in the night- which due to your lymphatic system working over time you will need to visit a lot! It's all good though, it's your body trying to help heal you.
I enjoyed my shower this morning, allowing the warm water to caress my bruised and sore skin- it was a delicious massage of sorts!

While I noticed I was more swollen today and the definition I saw yesterday had (hopefully temporarily) gone, I had at least lost the 5lb I gained immediately after surgery, and also a further 3lbs for good measure!

Today is lymphatic drainage massage day and to say I'm bricking it would be a lie. I am totally petrified! I can barely touch my skin without winching, how the hell am I going to cope with a massage!?

My appointment was booked for 4pm and my dad picked me up at 1 to ensure we had plenty of time to get there (You never do know with the M25)

We got there an hour before my appointment but kindly, the lady who was massaging me, Julie Bradford saw me sooner.

I have to just say, she was wonderful! Friendly, softly spoken and best still, she promised me I wouldn't feel any pain! 

 I told her I was scared of the pain and hadn't taken any painkillers since 6am that morning as I was acutely aware of the side effects of taking too much cocodamol- constipation, which when you already have a sore, swollen tummy, is never going to end well!

The wonderful Julie!

I also told her that the painkillers weren't doing much for me in any event, at which point she asked Dr Comins to pop down and see me.

He informed me that he couldn't give me anything stronger as that would too cause constipation, and in any event I should been feeling much better within the next 48 hours.

He then examined my drains (2 in the front, 1 in the back).

 I told him the back was still leaking but very little fluid was leaking from the front two, at which point he informed me he would take them out now!

So there i am, laying 1/2 naked on this bed, war wounds out for all to see, tired, in pain and scared of what was to come when Dr Comins comes back with some tweezers and sterile looking bits and pieces.

I held Julies hand and tried to be brave as he snipped away at the stitched holding the drains in.

I won't lie, yes it hurt, though only momentarily. Let's just say, it didn't tickle.

Anyway moving on to the massage- I wish I hadn't worried about it, it was lovely, if a little odd!

Julie was hooked up to a machine via wires and she placed a pad attached to wires underneath my thigh. She put on her sterile gloves and informed me that we were creating a circuit and when she touched my body, I would feel very gentle, pulsations of energy which would help penetrate my skin and kick start my lymphatic system to help get rid of remaining, excess fluid still within my tummy and flanks.

She only very lightly touched me and I found the experience entirely relaxing and the relief I felt from being out of my prison (my garment) was heavenly for all of an hour.

I'm due back on Friday to have e last drain removed and for another session, which I'm now rather looking forward to!

At home, I noticed I needed to pee a hell of a lot more and also my unquenchable thirst had come back with a vengeance, both of which are positive signs though.

I’ve never drunk so much water in my entire life these past days!

With regards to how I look- I am aware that my body has been through a real trauma and it is now very swollen.

 I am reassured by Dr Comins who keeps telling me that the results are going to be great.

He hasn't been wrong on anything else so far so I'm inclined to believe him! 

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