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Monday 26th March- Procedure Day Part 1

Monday 26th March- Procedure Day
 Part 1

D-day has arrived and I'm excited and scared, but honestly, I’m  mostly scared.

My appointment isn't until 12pm, which leaves me with plenty of time to fret all morning!

I'm hungry and thirsty (as you can't eat or drink for 6 hours before the procedure), so I’m left chewing ferociously on gum to stop my mouth feeling so dry.

I may have also had a cheeky ½ cup of tea, to steady my nerves, naturally...

We leave at 9am to give us (what we thought would be) plenty of time, but London being London ensured we hit tonnes of traffic  but thankfully we made it to the NCP Carpark and had time for a relatively leisurely stroll to the clinic in Knightsbridge.

With my heart pounding hard in my chest, we arrive and are greeted by the friendly faces of the nurses who tell me they will be looking after me- I feel reassured and in safe hands!

Dr Comins is there, not in his usual attire but in surgical scrubs and greets me before introducing me to my anesthetist.

He asks me when i last ate or drank and I'm forced to confess to my small cup of tea, at which point I’m informed that i shouldn’t have had that and consequently I’m only just on the cusp of being able to be sedated because of that.


Thankfully I’m good to continue and I'm taken into a room where I read through the consent form and sign it.

 My nurse asks me general  health related questions, such as if I'm on any other medication while taking my blood pressure.

I'm weighed (to enable the anesthetist to determine how much sedative he can use) and I’m sent into the bathroom to change into a really fetching gown, socks, paper pants and hair net.

Sexy it is not!

I can see the door to the procedure room open as i walk out and in the words of Olly Murs, my heart skips a beat.  I walk over to my hubby reclining on the comfy sofa in the waiting area, leave him my bag and kiss him goodbye.

I turn around to walk into the theatre and try my hardest not to cry.

 Im petrified.

Inside, Dr Comins does a fab job of helping to lighten the mood.

I remove my gown, leaving me in just my fetching, big, white paper pants and prepare for him to take photos of me to use as reference for my before and after photos.

(I've put these photos in this post within my dedicated Vaser Lipo Diary tab at the top of my blog which you can reach by clicking HERE. I've done this in case you don't wish to see a 1/2 naked, podgy person whilst your eating your brekkie, lunch or dinner and will do the same with all my photos for the same reason. Plus, some of them are quite graphic. You've been warned!)

‘’Do you have breast implants?’’ he asks. ‘’No’’, I giggle, ‘’They’re all me!’’.

I feel far more relaxed now as he gets out a sharpie pen and begins to mark my tummy and flanks.

I’m then asked to lay down on the theatre table, where he gets me to do a stomach crunch so he can mark out the location of my muscles to help with the sculpting and definition side of the Vaser.

I’m then aware of the anesthetist sat next to me who puts me at ease and distracts me by talking to me about anything and everything as he inserts the cannula into my hand.

He tells me that I may remember some of the procedure afterwards or alternatively, I may remember nothing.

It turns out that for me, it was the latter and from that moment on I remember nothing until i wake, 2 hours later.


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