Monday, 23 April 2012

LCN Cake & Pie Range

Beauty Brand LCN has created two brand new, very cute beauty collections based  on some yummy desserts, Lemon Apple Pie & Strawberry Cheesecake. 

 Launching this week, each range includes bath pearls (£18.20), hand cream (£6.80), nail care pens (£6.80) and lip balms (£4.70).
Hand Cream

 All of the products in both collections are available to buy as gorgeous  cake box gift sets which cost £22.50 each.
Nail Pens

I love the Lemon Apple Pie range and cant get enough of the delicious lip balm.
Don’t be put off by the fact it is green, once on your lips it melts away into a moisturising, shiny, clear sheen.

I’d say it smells more like sweet limes than lemon or apple, but it is delicious none the less!

The bath pearls are equally  yummy.

  Upon opening the lid, you will find yourself consumed by the sweet, warming aroma of apples, and its a very moreish scent!

There is the possibility that i may have been caught sat at my desk sniffing away on more than one occasion....

The range is available now from LCN’s website here and if you get in quickly you can grab the fab Cake & Pie dessert sets for £18 rather than £22.50 as they are on special offer!


  1. They look awesome! Will def have to get my greasy hands on these :) xx

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