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Monday 26th March- Procedure Day Part 2

 Monday 26th March- Procedure Day Part 2

The next thing I remember is laying on the table and looking at the clock on the wall.

Two hours has passed in what felt like minutes.

I had two nurses wrapping padding and what seemed like endless amounts of wadding around me then strapping me down into my compression garment. It took two of them to do the tiny claps up over all the bulging padding.

At this moment, I'm in no pain and feel fine, just a little woozy. I’m surprised, i thought id be in agony right about now.

I’m sent back out to the bathroom to put my dark, loose fitting clothes on that i bought with me.

 I opted for these comfy pyjama bottoms and floaty top from Elle Macpherson Initmates from Simply Beach. 

 May i also recommend that you wear flip flops too, as it’s unlikely you’ll be able to bend down to get your shoes on!

I come and sit on the sofa and call my husband who is at that point, doubtlessly browsing the golf section of Harrods.

My mouth feels dry and i ask for some water. My husband appears and the nurses come and ask me how im feeling.

Im more interested in hearing how much fat they got from me! They tell me in litres, but that means nothing to me so I ask them politely if they could weigh it.

 I'm told they removed 7lbs of fat and other liquid from me which I'm pretty chuffed about! I poke my head around to see the result of the 2 hour procedure, and it’s pretty gross. I can’t believe all that stuff has come from me!

Suddenly I feel over come with sickness and ask for a bowl as I think I'm going to be sick.

As if out of nowhere the anaesthetist is suddenly at my side and tells me to lie down while he proceeds to inject an anti sickness drug directly into the muscle in my arm. Yes, this did hurt.

Sure enough, within 10 minutes I feel ok.

It was at that point that Dr Comins told me they had had to use an awful lot of morphine to keep me in my sedated state- Enough for a man twice my size. More than once i had apparently woken up, screeching ‘ouch’!

I of course don’t remember any of this, and Dr Comins was surprised to learn that im not a hardened drinker, and perhaps, my liver is just rather quick at metabolising the drugs they used!

As i began to feel more lucid, i started to feel sore, bruised and a little battered, but ultimately O.K.

I'm given an appointment to come back 2 days later for a lymphatic drainage massage at their clinic in Knightsbridge then another one to have my drains taken out and for another massage on Friday. 

Woah! I think. ‘Drains?’

Then i remembered Dr Comins telling me about having drains stitched in to the holes left by the Vaser incisions  to help with draining the excess fluid out of my tummy and hips.

Granted its not a great photo, but this is what the drains looked like- small, plastic like flaps

I wasn’t going to think about these drains too much for now, I’d deal with that later!

I left the clinic around 30-40 minutes after coming round and hobbled to the car.

The car journey home was bearable but my garment felt outrageously tight. I knew this was to be expected, but the sensation was not one i had prepared for.

I had brought with me a black towel to sit on, as i had read on the net that some people leak quite profusely in the first 24/24 hours (hence the dark clothes to go home in), so I thought a towel would be quite necessary to prevent unfortunate stains on our car seat.

Turns out i didn’t need it (thankfully!)

Once home I was in a lot of pain as the sedative had clearly worn off. I took some of the painkillers I had been prescribed and tried to get comfy, which needless to say, I couldn't.

I managed a few mouthfuls of dinner and went to bed, laying on a dark coloured spare sheet and absorbent sheet provided to me by the clinic in case of ‘seepage’ again.

At about 10pm I realised I needed a wee, and let me tell you,  what a Palarva this was!

I waddled down the stairs and into the toilet, my hubby waiting outside. 

I undid the gusset part of the garment to be confronted by what can only be described as a giant, adult nappy. I couldn’t help but giggle.

I pulled my ’nappy’ down to go for a wee, but in doing so my garment began to ride  half way up my body and over the plentiful rolls of padding.
My GORGEOUS, skin tight compression garment- note, this photo was taken after removing all of the initial padding
the following day- I was too out of it to think to take photos on the day of the procedure!
 It had to be pulled back down over the padding and secured again. I’m not going to lie, this was simply agony and I ended up needing my Mr to help me tug it down as I couldn't get through it on my own.

Later on in the night I needed another wee (Yes i have the bladder of a small child) but decided not to wake my Mr and so i tried to go to the loo by myself.

The  though I of having to go through all that again made me shudder, so this time i simply undid the garment and while standing,  (I’m so sorry mum!) peed in a pot.

 I know i know, but it was much easier and much more painless!

The rest of the night was spent sleeping sporadically when I could and waking each time i tried to move positions in my sleep.


  1. Your journey is something I am finding so interesting to read. I look forward to part 3 and can't wait to see the results at the end. Either way I still think throughout all the pictures you included you look beautiful. I do however understand the idea of surgery. After having a massive operation on my leg leaving me with a 10"scar I was offered skin graphs. I declined as I was in enough pain from the surgery and have never regretted that. I also have a serious amount of 'tummy overhang' from my 5 c-section. This is awful and I know will never go less surgically removed. If I was desperately unhappy I would pay to have it done and drop 2 dress sizes instantly as I have to buy larger to accommodate it. However, due to problems with surgeries again I currently don't have the intentions too. I admire you for doing it and know many people are anti surgeries of this kind. I hope your journey in the end is exactly what you hope it will be :) M xxx

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