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Thursday 15th March- Consultation Day!

Thursday 15th March 2012

Today is the day I’m going for my consultation at The Private Clinic with Dr Mike Comins to talk about undergoing Vaser Liposuction.

In the past 10 years, I have been every size from a size 8-18 and let me tell you, there is not a single diet plan, diet pill or work out regime that i haven’t tried.

For the past few years my weight and size has stabilised to a decent UK size 12 (by no means huge) but regardless of my weight or size, the one (or rather two) things about my body that have remained a constant are my sizeable love handles and pot belly.

Size 14/16 in 2005 & size 6-8 in 2006
 Size 8 or size 18, they’ve always been there, refusing to budge and taunting me daily.

While I like my curvy shape, I hate having to wear shapewear all the time to try and get a smooth silhouette in my clothes and i hate the bulges that i get over the top of my jeans.

Size 8/10 in 2007 & size 10 in 2008
I cant remember the exact moment, but several months ago i decided that enough was enough. 
I’d always joked about having liposuction, taking the ‘easy’ way out and having the offending lumps and bumps sucked out of me while i snoozed blissfully unaware in a drug induced sleep.
Size 12 in 2009 & size 10 2010

But for the first time in my life, i was actually seriously considering it.

After spending a HUGE amount of time researching different procedures i decided that Vaser Lipo was for me. 

Size 12/14 in 2011
Vaser Lipo is  a minimally invasive procedure  performed under local anesthetic. It is less invasive than traditional liposuction and because it differentiates between fat and important tissues such as nerves, blood vessels and connective tissues, the risk of damage to these tissues is practically eliminated. There is no hospital stay involved and Vaser is said to be a walk in walk out procedure with minimal downtime.

Fab. But now, who did i want to entrust my body to?

My extensive research led me to Dr Mike Comins at The Private Clinic

The Private Clinic has a team of world renowned experts and specialists working for them and i loved that despite being a cosmetic surgery company, when it comes to procedures, they believe that 'less is more' .

Mike is the former president of the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors and has performed more than 2500 liposuction treatments to date, including the one featured on This Morning in the video below.

Fab credentials i thought, and so i bit the bullet and booked an appointment to see him.

Dr Comins clinic is in the heart of Knightsbridge, a short stroll away from Harrods in Hans Place, a gorgeous, sumptuous location.

While reclining in the big, welcoming chairs waiting my turn, i started to feel nervous.

Still, no time for that, before i knew it Mike was in front of me, shaking my hand and introducing himself.

I sat down in his office and answered an array of questions; Have i ever had surgery before, am i on any medication, am i allergic to anything?

Then i was asked to show him the areas i was concerned about.

Mike listened, nodded and took a look at my love handles (flanks) and tummy before informing me that he could certainly offer me a vast improvement and that he could remove a decent amount of fat from my upper tummy, lower tummy and flanks.

He explained that i would be left with several incision areas that could leave scars (albeit only millimetres); two on my groin, one above my bum, two under my boobs and two on my sides.

He sat down and without prompting, explained to me the possible risks, complications and side effects.

Photo of  a previous client Courtesy of Dr Mike Comins, Hans Place

He explained to me how this is not a quick fix and is not suitable for very over-weight individuals; rather, it sculpts the body, removing localised areas of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise, as opposed to making you lose weight.

Recovery can take up to 6 months, during which time you will need to obey a fairly strict set of guidelines that include wearing a compression garment for 24 hours a day for 2 weeks and undertaking regular Lymphatic drainage massages.

He showed me a vast collection of before and after photos of some of his previous clients and i was incredibly impressed- some of them didn’t even look like they were the same person post op!

 I have to admit, if i wasn’t 100% sure before, after speaking to Mike i was well and truly sold.

He was warm, friendly, informative and ever so relaxed.

I was categorically told not to make any decisions right now and i was sent away with several forms outlining the procedure and post op care. I was told to go away and think about it over the weekend, discuss it with my husband and come back to him the following week with a decision. 

No pressure no hard sell, just the sense that he genuinely wanted what was best for me and if i decided it wasn’t for me, no big deal. 

Monday 19th March

I’m going for it. The operation is booked for Monday 26th March, 1 week today. Oh my god, this is actually going to happen!


  1. Hi! How did the operation go? You are absolutely stunning. And I totally understand about the tummy fat, never totally leaves, stays lurking! Lol! Well sucess with everything you do and u are totally gorgeous size 8 or 18!

  2. Hey :) I hope your operation went great. I would love to see your results, the procedure sounds brilliant xx

  3. hope it went well and your happy with the results.

  4. Hi!
    Having the same thing done, but 'recycling' some of the fat to my breasts! The guys at the Private Clinic really are great, I went with Dr. Gupta but Dr. Comins came and hung out and we had a great time joking around in the middle of it all! I hope you're pleased with your results, I know I am and I'm blogging along with pictures too so I look forward to following your updates!
    All the best!


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