Thursday, 19 April 2012

I've Been Keeping A Secret...

Just over 3 weeks ago, i underwent a form of cosmetic surgery and had a form of liposuction called Vaser at The Private Clinic.

Since the procedure i have been diarising and documenting my experience to bring it to you in an open, honest and frank series of posts.

Tomorrow will see me post the first of these.

Before i go any further I’d like to make one thing clear. Cosmetic surgery is not something that should be undertaken lightly or on a whim. It is not right for everyone and naturally, not everyone will agree with it.

You are of course, entitled to your thoughts and opinions on the matter, but that said, I ask you to respect my decision and realise that i am putting myself out there in order to bring you an informative and detailed account of what you can really expect from such a procedure.

I implore you try to follow the mantra ‘If you don’t have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all’ if you decide to post comments on my blog posts. 

I really hope you find my forthcoming posts both interesting and informative.



  1. Wow I cant wait to see your posts on this! I think you should do whatever makes you happy :) I bet you look great! xx

    1. Thank you! I was so nervous about posting this and receiving negative criticism, but i do think people are really rather interested, whether they are considering it or not! x

  2. I've never heard of Vaser but am excited to read your posts... please don't feel nervous at all!

    Nic x

  3. I am from the school of 'if you don't like it fix it' and i think people REALLY appreciate posts that honestly review procedures so i look forward to this!!x

  4. Im from the same school as Jennifer. I would love Liposuction on my stomach, sadly though money is an issue ha. Really looking forward to your posts.

  5. I'm really looking forward to reading about your experience with this. It's not something I'd consider due to money (if I won the lottery, that's a different story!!!), but anyone saying anything negative should remember it's your body and your choice! Well done for you for speaking out about it, it's something that will help others considering the procedure I'm sure :) xx

  6. Ohh im so jealous, i would love to have something like this done, sadly cant afford it but would love to see your results, hope you recovered well. x

  7. I say you go girl. The only person you have to please is yourself. Generally, those who make the most scathing comments are either jealous because deep down, they're too afraid to have a procedure or they can't afford it. I've had cosmetic surgery, some good and some very bad, and I agree with you that if you have surgery, you MUST take this seriously. Many people die having surgery, whether cosmetic or not. Many things can go wrong so it's important to research doctors, maybe speak to patients who had surgery with a doctor and ask their opinion, read reviews, check out if the doctor has lawsuits filed against them, etc. Any surgery is painful. But with a great surgeon, you will be thrilled with the outcome, have more self confidence and love your life a little more. For those who say we should grow old gracefully, well, in this day and age when securing a job even with the highest qualifications is tough enough but having to compete with people 20 years your junior makes it worse. Just as many men are having cosmetic surgery today as women because unfortunately, youth or youthful, attractive looks will give you an advantage in getting a job. Is it fair? NO. Is it right? NO. But that's reality. To each, his own. For those who are opposed to cosmetic surgery on principle, I respect your opinion but on the same token, I hope everyone will respect those who make the decision to undergo cosmetic procedures. I look forward to hearing about your experiences.


  8. ive recently been talking about it all and i know it isnt for everyone but i for one would love to hear more about it, it would be great to get some honest views on it from someone who has experienced it rather than these dodgy adverts you see around the net lol

  9. “Cosmetic surgery is not something that should be undertaken lightly or on a whim. It is not right for everyone and naturally, not everyone will agree with it.” – I agree with this statement. Undergoing such a surgical procedure is risky. Even though you are operated on by a top surgeon, you cannot completely discount the possibility of failure or complications.

    Jacinto Hukle

  10. I agree with you, Jacinto Hukle. This is why it’s important to deliberate before undergoing a procedure. A perfect candidate is a person who is physically and emotionally mature, as these are signs that a person is ready for the procedure.

    - Terry Bayer

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