Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Paul & Joe Pearl Foundation Primer in Bonbon

Paul and Joe are renowned for their gorgeous products and exquisite packaging, and their latest product is no exception.

Paul and Joe’s Pearl Foundation Primer is a new addition to their 2012 spring collection.

5 shades of sparkling pearls  give luminosity and radiance for perfection every day 

The primer is cutely named bonbon, which i find very fitting, and there is no denying that this primer is beautiful.

But, does it deliver? Yes and no.

While i found myself seduced by the look if the product and the concept- pretty, pearl beads suspended in a primer fluid which when you press on the pump, burst and mingle with the fluid to create a sparkling hue, i wasn’t entirely impressed with the formula.

 While i like a dewey, fresh look, i don’t like too much sparkle or glitter, and i felt that this product was a more beautiful that it was effective.

 The fluid left my skin soft and silky, a great base for my foundation, but i really couldn’t get over the sparkly, glittery bits that were left in it too. 

I love fairies, but it doesn’t mean i want to go to work looking like one.

 That said, its a lovely product and if you like a shimmery, sparkly look, this is for you.

 Paul and Joe Pearl Foundation Primer in Bonbon is available to buy now from BeautyBay.com and retails at £23.


  1. Oh god, the packaging is too gorgeous! Shame about the actual product. I'm not really into the shimmery face look but it's so beautiful to look at. I want it in my life! x

  2. how pretty does that look, look like sweets inside that, they have great packaging of their products

  3. I've been waiting for someone to review this and even though you don't like it, I want it lots and lots. Hello beauty bay!

  4. Oooh it looks so pretty! I love this: "I love fairies, but it doesn’t mean i want to go to work looking like one" made me laugh :) xx

  5. Charlie - never fear, it will be back in stock soon, if you do want to buy it! We've placed a huge order as it's been extremely popular. Watch Facebook as that's where we're likely to post an update first. Thanks!

  6. Wow its absolutely gorgeous! Great review :) x

  7. This was really helpful it looks lovely inside but i'm sorry to hear it wasn't that good a product! Do you think I should still try it out? "I love fairies, but it doesn't mean I want to go to work looking like one" made me laugh as well ur cute xx

  8. "I love fairies, but it doesn’t mean i want to go to work looking like one." Hahaha! That's absolutely brilliant Sarah! Brilliant review. I would have bought this just based on how cute it looks. But I too don't like the thought of going around looking like a fairy.


  9. aww it will come back in i'm sure ! xx

  10. I do want to try this out, saw this in a magazine few weeks back and the packaging is just gorgeous, however if it's not that good I'm not sure.
    Have to search for more reviews!


  11. the packaging is so pretty and i love sparkle. I kind of want to try this!


  12. I'm so glad you reviewed this! I was going to buy it because it looks so pretty too, but maybe it's better spending the money on a better primer.



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