Tuesday, 15 November 2011

A Very Royal Beauty

In case you hadn’t noticed, I work really hard to try and bring you fab interviews with great celebs.

I’m not afraid of a challenge and I always think ‘what’s the harm in asking’ when I think of a really great personality to interview.

To say I aim high would be true, but unless you ask you’ll never know.

Which is why I’m posting this item. 

In a nutshell, I asked Her Royal Highness Princess Catherine Middleton, if she would like to participate in a Q&A with me about her beauty secrets.

Yes, I really did.

Well, you never know, she might be a huge beauty fanatic and love talking about it, so I sent her a letter in August to ask.

On Friday, I got a reply.

It turns out that Her Royal Highness receives a lot of letters, is incredibly busy and is unable to reply personally.

Who’d have thought it!     ;-) 

It also turns out that Mrs Claudia Holloway makes more grammatical mistakes than me!

Still, at least you know I’m on the case, aiming high and trying my best to bring you fabulous interviews whenever I can!


  1. Aiming high is what it's all about, had you not even bothered, you'd never know what her response would be! It would've been so cool if you could interview her though, I want to know how she gets her hair like that.

  2. I love that you tried! I wouldn't even have attempted, but now you have something sweet to hang on to as a nice memento :)

  3. Awww! That's right, you never know until you try.. at least you got a lovely reply back.. Would of been great to know all her little beauty tips but at least you tried, not very many people would of had the guts to do this.. Good on you girl!


  4. Haha well done for asking! Just think, she knows about your website now ;)

    xxx Kat

  5. 10 out of 10 for trying xoxo

  6. Well done for trying! Am I the only pedant who noticed all of the grammatical mistakes in the reply...shame on St James Palace ;) xxx

  7. i noticed too Georgia- bad form hey!

  8. What a trooper you are! Nice of them to respond to you either way - and well done you for asking in the first place x

  9. Try and try as the saying goes. I think her Royal Highness is not keen on grammar and proofreading, LOL. I wonder how many regrets letter she sends out.
    Much aloha,
    Kathryne (fabulouskath.com)

  10. I couldn't make sense of some of the content too, like "I was kind of you to ask...." and "..I regret that she is unable to do ask you ask." Thought it was type of royal writing etiquette, but turns out it just grammatical mistakes, oh well, if St James's Palace composes this type of letters, then God save the English language.....well done for trying though, hun, don't ask don't get...xx

  11. I second the last comment from Vakhida "God save the English language", the grammatical errors are appalling not what one would expect from the Royal Household :)

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