Friday 11 November 2011

Meet Kelly Clarkson

Winner of American Idol back in 2002. 

Her album breakaway sold over  12 million copies worldwide.

She is a Grammy and MTV award winning artist.
Can you guess who this is yet? 

(Incase the massive photo hadn't already given it away!)

It is of course, Kelly Clarkson.

This woman literally needs no introduction and I was privileged enough to speak to the legend herself about her new album Stronger, her favourite beauty items and her pet pooches.

What is your favourite song from your new album Stronger

My favourite songs are You love me & Stronger. You love me I just love because of the message, its very sarcastic, the whole song was written off the one line ‘Your love feels like a blow to the head’, I love that. Stronger is such a great anthem and such a great message, such a great song, that’s why we named the album after it, its just a fun song.

Your songs always come across as so honest and from your heart. Do you find it difficult to sing about things which are clearly so personal to you or do you find it therapeutic?

I find it extremely therapeutic , I don’t think that there’s anything normal about walking on stage and not bearing your heart, it has to be believable, you have to let people people know that you have had your heart ripped out or that your now happy you’ve found one. You need that believability factor, and I just don’t know how to perform any other way so i think you have to, it had to be therapeutic, you have to have experienced it.

Where did you draw inspiration for your latest album from?

Honestly, life. Everything that happens to me regardless of  its family, friends, work environment. A lot of this album is written off people I work with so yeah, it depends.

If you could duet with anyone, dead or alive, who would that be?

If I could duet with anyone it would be with The Black Keys

(To which I ask 'who?' and Kelly responds in disbelief at my lack of knowledge with a Loud)


 ( I then ask if she said ‘The Black Keys’ thinking she may have meant the Black Eyed Peas to which she says)

Yes are you fricking kidding me? Oh my god ok write this down, The Black Keys are the name of the band and buy their Attack and Release album. You’re going to love me! They're so good.

Do you have any plans to tour in the UK any time soon?

Not soon but 2012 is all touring. We are starting in the states in January then move onto Canada and then we come to UK, rest of Europe, Australia, South Africa.

(Me: That’s hardcore)

Yeah, I love it so its great.

When your on stage, do you style yourself? How much input do you have into your style and what you wear?

Touring and  promoting and different. With promoting  im usually doing 1 song here and there so I just tell my stylist id like a fitted dress or something and she will do mostly everything. On Tour im a little bit more picky as I like to be able to move around and I fricking sweat so much as I jump around so much so I don’t like to be in a tight outfit or anything. 

Kelly on the XFactor
As a high profile star, do you feel pressure from the media to look ‘perfect’

Obviously not, because I don’t, no. I just think when I started this job I didn’t really foresee the whole role model thing  because all your thinking of is music right your don’t really see that but, then I started going to all these things, building confidence for kids  and did a few different campaigns for that and I think the best role model you can be is being yourself. Im very low key, on American Idol I never wore make up in the house, I mean I would when I was performing or something, but I don’t tend to get dazzled up. I think being me is the best I can be. This is who I am and I think it would be taxing to pretend to be someone else.

How do you cope with the negative criticism you get?

It sucks honestly, I mean nobody likes to be yelled at in a mean way, so that sucks, but I think that the best way to handle stuff like that that ive learned over a decade or whatever, is just that  if someone is taking the time to write something that derogatory, obviously there is something wrong with them. Maybe they weren’t hugged enough or  all they see is aesthetic appeal, then that’s really sad. You kind of have to just dust it off your shoulders kind of thing.

When do you feel most happy?

When im touring, there’s just no political crap going on, its just me and my band and I love my band im so fortunate, they’re all so  talented and they’re all like writers and producers and they’re just a  bunch of great guys and girls.

I notice you have 2 adorable dogs?

Aah I miss them so fricking much I’m so sad about it im like 4  more days then I get to see them! Its really hard because in America I can take them everywhere but ive been going overseas like a lot, Australia, Europe and its so hard to be separated!

Kelly's gorgeous dogs!
(Me: What are their names?)

Joplin is the black miniature labradoodle and Security is the white Maltese. Its so hard being away from them as they’re like my sleeping buddies too, they’re so cute! I miss them so much I’ll cry right now! If you don’t have kids, they become your kids.

What do you have in your make up bag today?

Lets see I just dumped it on my bed. I have a Shu Uemura eyelash curler, best eyelash curler ever. I have a Mascara, its Dior, my make up artist got it for me. And I have a lip balm, lip conditioner but im not sure who its by the label has ripped off, ive had it forever!

Do you have a beauty Icon?

Honestly, I think Annie Lennox is one of my favourite Icons as far as like style, and how she is. She does the whole androgynous things a lot, and I think that’s really cool, it’s really hot. 

What is your favourite make up brand?

I really like Armani’s foundation, I really hate getting make up off, im not a huge make up fan, but I find Armani is really nice going on and its not so hard to get off either, so that’s why im a fan of their foundation. They’re frickin expensive but I love it. It just looks really good especially if your on like high def TV.

What was the best piece of beauty advice you have ever been given?

Every boyfriend ive ever had has hated me with loads of make up on, they like me in Jeans, a tank and hardly any make up at all. They love the natural look, I think people get worked up into caking it on every damn day, I’m like, are you out of your mind? 

Watch Mr Know it All, Kelly's first single from the album Stronger above or here

Kelly's Album Stronger is out now, as is the first single from the album, Mr Know It All


  1. Great interview hun! :) xoxo

  2. I love Kelly Clarkson!! Can't believe you got to interview her xx

  3. I love her! She's one of the very few people I admire who've come up through music competitions. She's beautiful, she rocks and she has a gorgeous voice!


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