Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The Perception of Beauty - How Times Change!

I came across these this morning and just thought WOW.

How times change…..

Can you imagine ever seeing adverts like this in today's day and age?

Oh yes, that's right, we do.

Open any magazine or newspaper or watch TV for long enough and you are bound to see an advert for 'How to lose weight'.

It seems that while our attitude to body shape and weight may have changed, our obsession with changing the way we look hasn't.



  1. Wow - amazing how times have changed! I wonder what people will make of today's headlines in 100 years time?

  2. Wow that's so different to now! I think it's important for women regardless of their weight to feel included and beautiful. At that time, I'm assuming that 'skinny' women felt left out and insecure just like larger women are nowadays.

    In my own culture, men love a woman with a larger bum and tiny waist. Women with larger breasts are actually considered to be unattractive which is so funny considering how in the West, we're all paying thousands to get larger chests!

  3. Wow, where did you find all these??? It's so funny how the 'before and after' pictures are now reversed in today's society.... I was definitely born in the wrong era! Not that it's ok for anyone to feel that their figure is undesirable, skinny or curvy.

  4. thats mad seeing those adverts and almost impossible to believe were real!xx

  5. I guess back then people didn't have the supply of fast food chains and ready made meals from the supermarket like we do today which has inevitably led to our obese nation. Things are convenient now and mass produced at very cheap prices which has probably led to losing weight programmes as the temptations are too high!

  6. Wow this is very different indeed!

  7. The girl in the pic before the last that complains about being skinny, would be considered chubby today... Gee society, messed up...

  8. Wow!! Thats incredible. A real eye opener. Thank you for this post!! xxx


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