Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Benefit Lash Lovelies

Benefit don’t have much missing from their collection lets be honest and its one of the reasons why we love them so.

That said, false lashes never were part of their repertoire, until now that is.

This November sees the launch of Benefit’s new Lash Collection.

In their words, they now have ‘more lash looks than days of the week’ with 9 different types of lashes to choose from ranging from delicate lashes, to lashes with va va voom, to individual lashes.

‘Custom designed to fit precisely’, they say ‘they are easy to apply like a pro’. 

Well I’m no pro and I’m rubbish at applying falsies so I’m really looking forward to testing these lovelies out.

Prices range from £11.50 for the lashes with the glue retailing at £7.50. I have to be honest, if I have to buy the glue separately it has better be good!


  1. I'm useless at applying lashes too but think they look amazing. I Don't think I'd spend that much though to be honest, when companies like Eyelure do so many different types, PLUS glue and I can't see the Benefit ones being much different application wise xx

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  2. I've tried falsies twice - the first time I got so mad I gave up and the second was for Halloween so I didn't care too much if they weren't on right. I think I might have to go and give these babies a go :) xxxx


  3. Flirt and the big spender lashes look lovely!

  4. I tried my first set of falsies this Halloween and it was a nightmare applying them lol - I sucked! Practice makes perfect I guess :) I'll have to practice a lot more before I spend the dough on these babies, but they are definitely gorgeous! Love Benefit :D.

  5. It does seem a little pricey to buy the glue as well, but if the results are amazing then thats different. Me, I can't go wrong with the Girls Aloud Falsies!!

  6. As if the glue is purchased seperately, how bizarre! I'll just use left-over lash glue from previous sets. I'll need some practice though as I'm terrible at applying falsies!


  7. The pin up lashes look so pretty!


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