Monday, 7 November 2011

Pukka Up For Lush This Winter

You’ve all heard of Lush and you all know the shop i mean

The one you walk past when out shopping and find yourself drawn into by the sumptuous aroma of a plethora of gorgeous skincare  items.

Well, this Christmas sees them bringing out a gorgeous new collection of lip products to help make our lips as kissable as possible for the party season.

Prep your lips and keep them soft and smooth with their new Pow Wow Lip Scrub (£4.75)
 The Limited edition item contains popping candy, jojoba oil, argan oil and rose hip oil to gently exfoliate away dry, dead skin while the essential oils calm, moisturise and plump your lips, leaving them kissably soft.

While im not entirely sure that this item is designed to be edible, it is quite hard to use without a few of the popping candy grains making their way into your mouth, and we all know how hard I find it to resist eating some of my beauty products.

(think THAT exfoliating, sugar scrub.....)

Once you’ve scrubbed away the dry skin on your lips, you can now treat them to some fab new shades from Lush’s lip tint collection.

Celebrate, Chilli & Latte
My favourite is the New Celebrate Lip Tint (£4.75)

It has a gorgeous pale, pretty pink colour to it and tastes a little like pink champagne. 


Almond, jojoba and camellia oils soften your lips and the pretty, gold, popping candy dusting gives some added fizzle to your yule tide kisses!

Another New flavour is their Chilli Tingle (£4.75)

Made with Mexican chilli’s its designed to make your lips tingle and stimulates them to create a plumper look while the cocoa butter, jojoba oil and cadelilla wax soften the lips. Be warned, this shade is really pigmented so you only need a little!

Latte is another new addition to the lip balm line (£4.75)

This balm has a subtle, latte coffee coloured pigment which can be blended to create a stunning, shimmer tint. This lip balm I think works particularly well as a warm, bronzed hi-lighter which is perfect for darker skinned lovelies.
The range is available now from Lush and at £4.75 per balm you can afford to collect the lot!


  1. They shall all be mine! I just adore LUSH, they never fail me. Thanks for posting swatches too!

  2. It's been ages since I've been near a Lush & had forgotten about them to be honest... No longer! These lip tints look amazing, I want them all
    Kirsten x

  3. I love the look of the one that has popping candy in it!

  4. Never tried Lush cosmetics before. The lip tints look great!

  5. who won the l'occitane giveaway?

  6. These colours look Lush! And I saw Pow Wow recently on another blog and now I want it even more :)

  7. I love pow wow! So fun with the popping candy and tastes so yum!
    Lucy x

  8. I love lush! The smells always great


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