Monday, 7 November 2011

Do You Still Look As Fresh As Daisy By 10:13am?

I read an interesting item in Today’s Metro about a study conducted by Imperial Leather Skin Kind who say that despite spending ages on our hair and make up in the morning, we only look our best for 2 hours 22 minutes, meaning that by 10:13am we are back to looking less than ‘perfect’.

I completely understand that over time, make up can melt, mascara can flake and hair can lose its oomph and volume due to a variety of different factors (weather being the main culprit I find) but I also believe that with the right products you can achieve the ‘just blow dried’ or ‘newly applied’ make up look for far longer than just a measly 2 hours. 

What do you think? Do you find that after several hours you start to look ropey?

 Do you have any must have products that keep you looking fresh all day long?


  1. Hmm I don't agree with this at all! I know might look perfect all day, but after 2 hours I look as I did when I left the house! The only products I use to keep me looking fresh all day long are avon colourtrend pressed powder & lipgloss :) xoxo

  2. Sorry, what I meant was I know I might not look perfect all day. I think I'm still half asleep :p lol xx

  3. I don't think 2 hours but sometimes when I've not looked in the mirror all day at work I'm a bit surprised by how dishevelled my hair has got! I think there are plenty of longer lasting products that can give you an all day look though - Max Factor Lipfinity is definately great as a longlasting lippy.

  4. if you apply your makeup correctly it can and should last a little longer.. avoid touching your face, and use blotting paper or powder in a hot environment to avoid oilyness and shine =)

    also helps to find a suitable foundation for your skin type, nothing too dewy, try to find one that sets



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