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Q&A With The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn's MyAnna Buring

The Twilight Saga has become a worldwide phenomenon and today sees the UK Premiere of  Breaking Dawn Part 1.

To celebrate the release of the film in the UK and to whet your appetite a little I interviewed one of the stars of the film, MyAnna Buring who plays Vampire friend of the Cullen’s, Tanya Denali.

MyAnna spilled the beans on what it was like to star in undoubtedly one of the biggest films of this year!

MyAnna, how does it feel to be part of such a huge phenomenon that are the Twilight Films?
It feels amazing, especially as im such a massive fan of the books. I love the character of Tanya and the Denali’s, they are the family Edward always runs off to. It was amazing to play one of the main representatives from that family as well as to sit on set with Stephanie Myers.

Did Stephanie oversee a lot of the filming?
She was an executive producer on the film and was there every day. She was a source of knowledge and a resource of information. Incredible. Im a really big fan of Bill Condon (the director) as well, so when I found out he was directing it I was over the moon. I couldn’t believe it.

Can you tell us a little more about your character, Tanya?
Tanya Denali is head of the Denali clan, the ‘Cullens Cousins’ if you will, another vegetarian vampire family. Tanya always had a thing for Edward and the back story is that she always believed that one day her and Edward would end up together (until Bella scuppers those plans!) She is loyal to the Cullens and is one of the first to put her family up to stand against the Volturi.

How long did it take in make up to create your Vampire look?
By the end they had got it down to 1 hour 15 minutes. It started at about 3 hours long to get the hair and make up right.

MyAnna (far right) on the set of Breaking Dawn

What brand of make up did they use?
I cant remember all of them but I know they used some products from a brand called Senna. They used an eye colour on me called Lace and a sheer face colour called Faded Rose which I still have now. They also used Bobbi Brown long wear gel eyeliner to help accentuate the eyes with the contact lenses. The result was a piercing, otherworldly look.

Did you know there is a DuWop Twilight Range of products? Have you ever tried them?

I do! I did a shoot with More! magazine and they used some of the products on me. They did a cool smoky eye and strong lip on me, they were really good. Like you, I love trying different beauty products and I thought they were really impressive and more grown up.

Do you have a beauty Icon?

Debbie Harry from Blondie, she was the epitome of glam, cool and fun
A gorgeous shot of MyAnna from More! Magazine's photo shoot featuring the Twilight Make up Range

As a high profile star, do you feel pressure from the media to look ‘perfect’

Only in the last year where  I have gone to more ‘do’s and had my photo taken. It does affect you a little but I made the decision that I cant live my life like that. I'm not perfect and Id rather celebrate that than spend my life giving myself a hard time to be someone I’ll never be. The people who inspire me are those that make the most of what they have. Its important to have inner confidence, its beautiful.
Now tell me. Bella’s dress, what was it like?

It was stunning, so beautiful. The costume designer is brilliant and it was perfect. It was a great character choice. It fits with Bella perfectly- straight, simple, elegant, not ostentatious. She would look most odd in a huge meringue!

Who did you get on best with on set?

Everyone was really lovely, my family the Denali's and Cullen's, Nikki Reed (Rosalie), Michael Sheen (Aro), Billie Burke (Charlie), and Sarah Clarke (Renee)- such a gorgeous lady. I don’t tend to get starstruck but I was in awe of Michael, Stephanie and Bill because of the books and the work they’ve done. They’re acting royalty! 

If you weren’t involved in the films, would you be team Jacob or Team Edward?
For me its always been a bit of both, and even after working on the film its still a bit of both! They represent such polar extremes that its difficult to choose! Their loyalty in love is so attractive in both characters

I have to ask. Robert & Kristen. Are they or aren’t they?


I don’t know! (said knowingly!)

They don’t comment on their private lives so its unfair of anyone else to comment on their behalf. You’d have to ask them!

Well MyAnna I may well do that!
Stay tuned tomorrow for all the gossip on the premiere and in the meantime you can watch the official trailer below and follow MyAnna on twitter  @myannaburing 



  1. Great interview/post hun :) I can't wait to go see it on friday! Look out for my breaking dawn blog post coming soon xoxo

  2. I cannot wait to see this film xoxo

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