Thursday, 17 November 2011

I Am Fabulicious Does Twilight

Last night I attended the UK Premiere of Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1.

I managed to blag myself two tickets to the event (thanks for the gift of the gab mum), and arrived at Westfield Stratford ready to star spot, and boy were the stars out! 

 It was like a clear, black winter night where in the darkness the stars twinkled prettily, attracting many an admiring gaze.  

 Only with those gazes also came the far less tranquil screams from hysterical teenage girls, eyes out on stalks all on the hunt for R Patz, K Stew & Tay Tay (Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner for non twihards)

I on the other hand was definitely far too cool for school, choosing to simple acknowledge a stars presence by glancing their way fleetingly.

Yeah right. I was there, with my camera, just as eager as those teen girls for a sighting or pic (but just slightly less hysterical)

 Jamie Campbell Bower, R Patz, K Stew & Taylor Lautner

Everyone was surprised when K Stew rocked up, looking stunning in a Roberto Cavalli gothic, black gown.

MyAnna Buring, K Stew & Holly Valance

With the LA premiere only 48 hours before it was though she wouldn't be attending.

She did however opt for comfort over style, kicking off her sky scraper heels in favour for her trusty Nike trainers whilst signing autographs. 

 R patz, Tom & Danny from McFly & Kristen & Robert share a whisper

 But what does one wear to the biggest UK premiere of the year? How does one have their hair and what make up should one plaster over ones face?

Well let me tell you in pictures.

The Outfit

Boohoo’s Jenny One Shoulder Peplum Bodycon Dress (£25) looked gorgeous paired with an Oasis Belt (£16) over a pair of Spanx black tights  

(we all need a little help every now and then!)

 Boohoo’s  Tara Suedette Heeled Chelsea Shoe Boots (£25) set the look off perfectly, making the outfit more edgy than court shoes or strappy heels.

Motel Rocks’ Freya Faux Fur crop jacket (£65), kept me toasty warm, adding a vintage Hollywood twist to the look.

The Hair

Created by favourite girls at The Powder Rooms in Soho, London they always manage to tame, set and fix my difficult hair into the most beautiful styles. 

Beth created this gorgeous up 'do

The Makeup

Me & the gorgeous MyAnna Buring aka Vampire Tanya Denali

I Spy LittleMix!

Amelia Lily rocking candy floss pink hair

 And the film? I wont say anything as i'd hate to spoil it for you, but really enjoyed it! I was pleasantly suprised at the point where the film ended and now cant wait to see part two!

(PS you must stay until the end of the credits or you will miss out on another scene!)

Are you going to see Breaking Dawn? What do you think Bella's dress will look like? Have you seen the film already? What did you think?



  1. You look beautiful honey.

    I have seen not one single Twilight film lol. Am I the only one in the world -possibly.

    Yet watching the trailer at the cinema a few weeks ago I kind of want to see it x

  2. great post, do you work in media? Would have been awsome to meet such great actors =)
    I have seen a couple other twighlight movies and saw breaking dawn last night, i like the movie but not a HUGE fan, it was interesting, but the baby part near the end made me feel sick! =S hahah ewies


  3. You looked absolutely gorgeous! Personal question; I have quite a big bust like yours, and I was just wondering what style and brand of bra you were wearing under the dress? I've been wanting to wear a strapless or one shoulder dress for ages, but can't find a bra supportive enough :(
    Awesome post!

  4. Hey Gabriella, I wear the Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless bra- its AMAZING, gives you huge amounts of support and doesn't slip down x

  5. Gorgeous dress hun! So fab you got to go xoxo

  6. Such a Twifan but I'm not sure i like the idea of them doing BD in two parts. I actually didn't like the book but we'll see..

    Great picks! You looked gorgeous!

  7. Wow, you look amazing! Love that whole look. I'm def going to see Breaking Dawn next week. I'll let the initial rush wear off a bit first, then nip in when it's a bit quieter. x

  8. You look stunning hun, and your style was perfect for twilight. I'm going tomorrow to watch it and very excited xx


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