Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The Rise & Rise of Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoos now account for a fifth of all shampoo sales according to Superdrug. They have become a massive deal- saving people around the world from the perils of greasy hair when you are unable to wash it- be it at a festival, a camping break or even just to use between washes a pick up when you haven’t got time in the morning- or like this morning when it is too hot to face the hair dryer!
Granted the idea doesn’t sound wholly appealing- a fragranced, powdery spray that you use in between washes to absorb oil, de-grease and refresh the hair, but it has undoubtedly become a massive market. Almost every hair care brand imaginable now has its own dry shampoo, but which really work and which leave you with dull, matte, dusty hair?
Dr Hauschka - Body Silk
This looks, feels and smells like luxury. The price tag reflects this too- however it also looks like a pot of talcum powder, complete with the holes in the top of the pot for the powder to be dispensed from. That said it had a pleasant scent but I was left with a head of white hair after I was unable to control the flow of the powder or direct it properly to my roots. Would definitely use again if they repackaged it into an aerosol.
Batiste - Boho
Pack Boho in your festival or camping bag and carry your spirit of freedom with you. A few quick sprays instantly makes your hair feel clean, fresh and full of body and texture Says the blurb on their website.
Batistse is one of the original dry shampoos with a massive cult following and an every expanding portfolio of products, from original to a tropical smelling spray and from a spray with a hint of colour for brunettes and blondes to a spray with gold or silver shimmers.
Boho smells lovely and fresh but I immediately suffered with the dreaded grey hair which required a lot of combing out and although my hair looked cleaner, it lost much of its shine. As Batiste Boho says, would be great for use at a festival for a quick spruce up, but not all that great if your after shiny, glossy hair too.
(£1.52, nationwide)
James Brown London - Scandalous Fabulously Flirty Dry Shampoo
This was my favourite by a long shot. A wonderful smelling product, but far from being overpowering unlike other brands, and without the white powdery-ness of other products. It absorbed the excess oil instantly and left my hair feeling light and shiny. My hair left lifted and revived without feeling clogged with too much product. Love love love it.

Lee Stafford- Poker Straight Dry Shampoo
A funky looking bright pink bottle with an equally saccharine scent which I personally found a little overwhelming. That said the product worked- my hair looked much cleaner and it didn’t weigh it down or have the dusty feel that other products left. It kept its shine but I did need to re apply it by later afternoon.
Charles Worthington - Front Row Refresh & Revive Brunette Dry Shampoo
I loved the professional look and design of this item and as a massive Charles Worthington fan I had high hopes. Given my previous experiences of turning my hair grey I decided to give the Brunette shampoo a try. The shampoo is meant to blend in with your hair colour as opposed to being white, which indeed it did. I smelt pleasant and
didn’t leave me with a powdery white mess. It did however leave my hair very matt, bordering on dull. I realise that greasy, dirty hair takes the shine off your locks in any event, however this product whilst leaving me grease free also left me with matt, dull looking hair.

Tresemme - Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo
A fresh smelling, light and pleasant dry shampoo. Unlike the majority of the other brands Tresemme didn’t leave me with a powdery, ashy residue- which was nice! My hair felt, as the name says ‘refreshed’, clean and it kept its shine and movement.


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  1. Definitely going to try the James Brown shampoo- cant seem to get on with so many of the others- they make my hair feel really thick and heavy. Thanks for this!


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