Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Charity campaigns for no more cruel comsetics

Animal charity BUAV has recently launched a high-profile campaign to end animal testing for cosmetics sold within the EU.

Celebrities such as Kimberley Wyatt, Jodie Kidd and Meg Matthews have joined together to support this campaign along with Marks & Spencer, male grooming brand Bulldog and Kimberly Wyatt’s new make-up range BM Beauty.

The BUAV website states that;

The EU is due to ban the sale of all new cosmetics and toiletries that have been tested on animals outside the EU from 2013. However, officials are now considering extending this deadline. This is despite massive public opposition to animal tested cosmetics and an existing ban on conducting animal tests for cosmetics inside the EU. The 2013 ban on sales could be delayed for 10 more years during which thousands of animals will be injected, gassed, force-fed and killed for cosmetics on sale in the EU.

Why, in the year 2011 and with all the vast advancements in technology and science are we still testing cosmetics on animals and how, when we are a so called nation of ‘animal lovers’ are we still allowing this to happen?

I adore cosmetics. I love my daily routine of primping and preening, languishing time on apply my make up and enjoying every second of it. However, as a massive animal lover im ashamed to admit to admit that I rarely (if ever) check to see if my cosmetics have been tested on animals. I know that the Body Shop doesn’t test on animals, though I can’t remember how I know this, but when it comes to the majority of the other products I use, I wouldn’t know.

I am the kind of person who gets bleary eyed at animal charity adverts, turns the page of a newspaper rather than reading an article about animal cruelty as I find it too upsetting and who regularly donates to the RSPCA and Dogs Trust.

Why then am I not aware of which of my beauty products I use haven’t been tested on animals? It makes me shudder at the prospect that it could be because either they have been, or they just haven’t advertised the fact they aren’t. How many people research a foundation or mascara to see if it’s been tested on animals before buying it? I would put my money on not many.

I realise it is unlikely, but I wonder what would happen if every cosmetics company was required by law to feature a logo to show whether their products have or haven’t been tested on animals. I know that I could never purchase an item which I knew for a fact had been tested on animals, and ignorance would no longer be as acceptable excuse for buying them.

Im sure there are thousands of people out there that would feel the same and I wonder if that would cause a drop in sales of certain products, which would in turn cause the companies to re-evaluate the way on which they test their products? One can dream.

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  1. Great input. No many of us question this. But then like everything else we do take notice at first and got back to the old ways most of the time. If there is a law, then it should be banned, End Off.


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