Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Oh la la Boudoir Prive!

Hot on the tails of Glossy Box which I mentioned several posts back, is Boudoir Prive. Boudoir Prive’s Beauty Box follows the similar concept of allowing consumers to try luxury products before they buy, all for a very reasonable price of £10 per month. For your monthly membership of £10 you will receive one of their boxes directly to your home or office, containing six expertly selected samples of both well established and brand new brands.

The samples will cover skincare, body care, hair care, make-up, fragrance and lifestyle, providing you with a comprehensive selection of items to try. Unlike some of its competitors, Boudoir Prive then encourages feedback on the samples in exchange for fabulous discounts in their online shop, should you then chose to buy the full size version of the product.

Following the dissatisfaction seen with many of Glossy Box’s customers following the arrival of June’s box which contained an inexpensive, well known hair care product which was far from luxurious, the hunt is on to find a truly decadent company who provides truly high end products, and that company could very well be Boudoir Prive. After all, their name alone evokes images of wealthy, Chic Parisians and Marie Antoinette indulging in extravagance, splendour, enchantment and luxury.

In the 18th Century, a woman’s Boudoir was her sanctum. A place to retreat, reflect and experiment with her hair an beauty in the comfort of her own home. We at Boudoir Prive are reinventing the contemporary Boudoir and revolutionising the way cosmetics are sold online, by giving women the luxury of discovering new beauty products in the intimacy of their own room.

Limited membership is available soon, just enter your email address here for an exclusive invitation. Once you have signed up you will be given a unique link to share with your friends which not only tells them about the fab brand but allows you to increase your chance of priority access and receiving your box before everyone else- which makes us feel a little bit special!

The first Boxes are due to be shipped in July with an official launch in August.


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  1. Hi Sarah! This is Veronica from Boudoir Prive. Fantastic blog post-i really liked it! I hope you have been sending your personal link to all your friends and family so you can get V.I.P access to the limited edition first box? I would love to see your blog post on that. If anyone has any questions feel free to shout!


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