Monday, 20 June 2011

I Love Posie Tint

I am a lifelong fan of Benefit- I love their products, not just because they are beautiful to look at and decorate my dressing table superbly- but because their products actually work, and last.

For that reason I am unsure as why I had never tried their Posie Tint lip and cheek stain before! I have been using their stunning red rose scented Benetint for years, yet it wasn’t until I came across this months Glamour Magazine giving away free minature Benetint, High Beam and Posie Tint that I actually tried it!

I love it! Its my new favourite product! Im not a fan of blusher- I find it too drying for my skin and gives me a caked on look, so I have actually always used lipstick for my blusher. Its not as weird as it sounds, just rub your finger over the top of the lipstick to warm it up, when you have the product on your finger just smile and gently rub it into the balls of your cheeks. It gives a far more fresh and dewey look than powdered blusher.

Now ive found Posie Tint I think I will be able to keep my lipstick for my lips again! Posie Tint is far more pinky than Benetint, making it more suitable for very pale skin ( like mine in winter) Don’t be alarmed by how neon pink it looks when you take the brush out- it is actually very subtle and will keep a gorgeous glow on your cheeks all day.

This is now one of my absolute staple products. I wish id tried it sooner.


  1. I tried this after seeing it in Glamour Magzine too- Its really pretty and much more subtle than Benetint, and it was free! Loves it!

  2. I got all 3 BeneFit goodies after trawling 3 towns, 8 shops and over a period of a week! I love Posie Tint too, it looks so natural. x


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