Thursday, 30 June 2011

Soap for Sensitive Skin

Like a huge proportion of people in the UK I suffer with eczema and have done for as long as I can remember. I am lucky that it is not so severe that I have been unable to cope with the symptoms such as sore, itchy, sensitive skin- but it does make bathing and showering much more of an ordeal.
Often I find myself seduced by the wonderfully packaged, seductive smelling, well known brands in the shops. I am after all, a beauty maniac and relish the opportunity to try new brands and different products. My skin however, rarely appreciates this addiction and often lets me know just that by turning my legs and arms into scales a snake would be proud of. Nice.
Don’t get me wrong, there are many products out there for sensitive, problematic and dry skin- ive tried lots of them, but sadly with artificial colouring free, fragrance free, paraben free and SLS free often results in bland, lackluster products which leave me feeling a little cheated and excluded from the world of wonderful, exciting, fragrant products.
I was recently contacted by the Sedbergh Soap Company, a family run business developed by Dorothe Pratt, a long time eczema sufferer herself. She had found that a large amount of products available and marketed as 'natural' and either made from or containing an amount of organic or natural ingredients, made them just that. It didn’t mean they were suitable for her skin, so she decided to create her own- and every item has been tested on her skin!
I jumped at the chance to try a selection of these products, especially as they are all free of artificial colourings, perfume, fragrance, parabens, SLES, SLS, Propylene Glycol, Triclosan and Phthalates to name only a few! I was assured that I would not be disappointed with the results.
I could smell the contents of the package before I opened it- an incredible aroma of lemongrass, wafted across the office with one colleague remarking that it smelt like ‘the south of France in here’.
I was sent the selection of five soaps- lemongrass, rosemary, lavender, sweet orange and peppermint, a lemongrass and lavender dead sea bath soak as well as a Calorie free geranium rose soap bar.
I rushed home on the hottest day of the year to jump into the shower with my lemongrass soap which contains essential oils and dry lemongrass within it. The smell was encapsulating and I found myself 20 minutes later still in the shower.
The lavender bath soak was equally wonderful. Containing 100% dead sea salt with essential lavender oil and pure lavender buds, I quickly drifted off into a land surrounded by rolling lavender fields!
My skin felt clean, refreshed and soft- not dry and scaly as it would do had I used regular soap or bath salts made with sodium chloride. Sedbergh Soap Company is a gem of a find and if their fab products weren’t enough to sway you, they are also between 70%-89.98% organic and are packaged in biodegradable and recyclable material, so they are great for the environment as well as your skin!
You can get your hands on an array of their products from soap to shampoo, salts to body lotion, as well as gifts, products for babies and toddlers and even wedding favours on their website Sedbergh Soap Company.


  1. Thank you, this is wonderful. I have such skin problems too...I've pretty much tried everything!

    I hope u r less itchy now ;)

  2. Have you tried/are you going to try them? I really couldnt recommend them more highly! Im planning on doing more posts on products for sensitive skin- including cosmetics!

  3. i have really bad eczema so i can't even use soap, i use a body lotion that doubles up as soap called Dermal 500 and it is a miracle worker. I would also suggest to anyone with dry skin to use aveeno moisturiser as it is organic and smells amazing!

  4. Thanks for this Laura- i always find myself quite reluctant to try new products as im never quite sure how my skin may react- but if you say it works wonders i may give it a go!

  5. in your piece above you state you "relish" the chance to try new brands, then the following day in your reply to laura, you say you are "reluctant", can,t have it both ways you know...... i suppose "incentives/freebies" influence you more than anything... the usual story... yawn

  6. I have tried and tried over the years to find a bar soap that won't cause me splotches and doesn't have a fragrance that bothers my chemical sensitivities. Made from Earth is one!!!! I am so excited that I found the soaps from the Made from Earth brand. They have 5 different types - and I tried all and LOVE THEM.

    Usually the fragrance free bars either have some strong smell (to me) or they aren't worth a flip. Made from Earth has a very very light nice's almost imperceptible, actually it probably is to others who don't have nose that smells and is allergic to everything! Had I known it had even a hint of a scent, I wouldn't have bought it because I would have thought that it would break me out. So don't let it deter you. Not even a hint of redness after I bathe. This soap is fabulous and I highly recommend it!!!

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