Monday, 3 October 2011 comes to the UK!

Today is a big day for as they have finally launched their website for the entire European Union.

Sorry what was that? ‘Nelly who?’ I hear you ask?

Does the word ‘ Nelly’ not mean anything to you? No? 

Lets try Asos? 

Aaah yes, you’ve heard of this one haven’t you and you love it. You love the clothes, the make up, the fragrances, the accessories, the brands.

It’s a one stop shop for the women of today who perhaps don’t  have loads of free time to spend trawling the high street for the latest looks and must have dresses, shoes or beauty product.

(Now before you all say ‘this isn’t beauty related’ stick with me, im getting to that part in a round about way!)

Nelly is a name which I have no doubt will soon become as widely recognised as asos.

 Since 2004 Nelly has been the asos of the Nordic region of the globe. 

With a huge catalogue of brands spanning fashion to beauty, accessories to footwear, Nelly has a massive amount to offer us shoppers with a wide range of items and prices to suit every shopper’s budget.

I road tested their website, products and customer service (so you didn’t have to) to let you know all about this new website which is already so popular.

The website is similar in style to asos but without the intimidating, high end fashion editorial look to it. Its easy to use and navigate around, with items easy to locate via a search tab and by selecting certain criteria.

While you may initially see the prices in Euro’s, click the British flag on the top right of the page and the prices will be magically be transformed into GBP for you (see below)

Given that the products are coming to you all the way from Sweden, I was pleasantly surprised how quickly they arrived with me- for 5 Euro’s in shipping they arrived 4 days after I placed my order (which I consider to be a bargain)

When I realised that one of my eye shadows had been obliterated in transit, I contacted customer services by email expecting to not  hear back for at least 48 hours, but within 10 minutes I had a helpful and satisfactory reply. That got a HUGE thumbs up! 

What got the biggest thumbs up for me was their selection of beauty products.

As a beauty product fiend I was beyond excited to come across a huge variety of brands id never even heard of before;  Mist Stockholm, Swiss O-Par & The Balm to name but a few, and you all know how much I love coming across new, exciting brands. 

Reviews on many of these brands are still to come, but how exciting it was to find some brand new ones to try out!

One thing I will say is that if you are after a last minute, next day delivery item, this wont be the website for you just yet. The items ship from Sweden and it will take a few days to get to you.

If  you after trying out new, exciting brands and getting your hands on items of clothing and beauty which you wont necessarily find here in the UK and for great prices, then this is definitely the right place for you.

 Now you've read all about it, go and check it out for yourself at, follow them on Twitter @nellycom or keep up with all the latest news on their Facebook page here.


  1. Finally a website to rival ASOS! Im beyond excited! thanks so much for sharing! x

  2. Ive gotten so sick of asos and their crappy customer services and their pretentious photo shoots that im so happy to see that there is finally something else out there! Like you i love finding new beauty brands too so this is very exciting!

  3. Wow those eye shadows ( i assume they are eye shadows?) look amazing! How exciting im going to pop over there now, though,my purse is screaming pleased no! xx

  4. oooh nice! always looking for more websites to spend my pennies in!

  5. I love the look of this! Thanks so much for sharing, off to take a look now!


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