Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Sienna Miller supports BUAV Campaign

Stage and screen star Sienna Miller has been announced as the latest high profile star to support the BUAV No Cruel Cosmetics campaign to end animal testing for toiletries and cosmetics sold in the EU.

She joins a number of high profile celebrities supporting the BUAV campaign, including Sir Paul McCartney, Jenny Seagrove and Pussycat Doll Kimberly Wyatt.

Despite a UK and EU ban on the use of animals to test cosmetics and toiletries, companies are still allowed to sell products in the EU that have been tested on animals in other parts of the world.

A ban on the import and sale of new animal tested cosmetic products in the EU is due to come into effect in 2013. However, concerns have arisen that this animal testing ban may be delayed. In response, the BUAV launched the European-wide No Cruel Cosmetics campaign calling for the ban to come into effect as planned in 2013.

If the ban is delayed, animals will continue to suffer and die needlessly in cruel tests for new beauty products sold in the EU. That means that hundreds of thousands more rabbits, guinea pigs, mice and rats could be injected, gassed or force-fed cosmetics worldwide for new beauty products sold in the EU, including right here in the UK.

Over one hundred thousand people across the UK and EU, including Sienna, have already signed the No Cruel Cosmetics petition which is being sent to the European Parliament.

I implore you, please take just a minute or two to sign the BUAV petition which can be found here at this address

In this day and age there is no reason why we should still be testing cosmetics on animals.

Please sign the petition now. Thanks Fabulicoius lovelies x


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