Friday, 7 October 2011

The Fuss Free Way to Fabulicious Hair, Clip In Buns!

Im not gonna lie. While I love experimenting with make up and dabbling in new looks, when it comes to my hair I seem to give up.

As im sure you’ve heard me moan on about before, I have long, ‘glassy’, dead straight hair. 

Yes I know im lucky that its naturally straight and shiny, but this tends to mean that I can do absolutely nothing with it.

Curls fall out within minutes and don’t even talk to me about trying to get volume and texture in it. It just doesn’t happen.

Consequently I wear my hair up a lot and am always looking at ways to make that more interesting- be it with hair clips, French plaits or those headband braids.

Not long ago I bought one of those doughnut rings for my hair to try and create a gorgeous, big bun. That didn’t work as my hair is so long I couldn’t get it to wrap around the bun or secure it properly.

Whilst browsing the internet for inspiration I came across Beauty Works Online, a specialty retailer of luxury hair extensions and on trend accessories for women and girls.

I browsed their website and came across the tab called ‘Clip in Buns’. I felt my stomach flip. Could these finally be my answer for a stylish, sleek up do with minimal effort?

The Ballerina

The Braided

Available in 4 styles, The Ballerina, The Braided, The Classic and The Messy bun, I was fascinated by these hair pieces.  Gorgeous and natural looking and with a huge selection of colours to choose from, matching them to your hair colour is no problem.

The Classic

The Messy

I tested out just how easy these little gems are to use in the step by step guide below.

Secure your hair in a ponytail wherever you want the bun to sit
Wrap your hair into a knot and secure
Place the bun over the top of the knot. Use the combs attached within the bun to secure io place on top of your hair.

Use the Kirby grips inluded in the pack with the bun to secure it more securely to your hair

And Voila! A gorgeous, big, glamourous bun is all yours!

I found the bun extremely easy to use and it stayed in all day with the help of the Kirby grips.

The only negative thing I have to say is that the bun had a slightly un-natural shine to it. When in your hair and looked at in sunlight, it is possible to see that it is not actually part of your hair. That said, it’s possible I needed a different colour for my hair and plus if being worn on a night out, no one will ever know!

The Clip in Bun range is available from Beauty Works Online with prices starting from £19.99. The Braided bun I wore is available at £24.99


  1. How gorgeous are they! Loving the look- so simple yet so stylih and if theyre that easy to use, i better stock up!

  2. Im useless at creating nice looks in my hair so im thinkign these may be the way forward- at £24 looks like it may be a bit of an investement, but i suppose they arent actually that expensive when you look at how much hair extensions can cost. I think theyre really pretty. x

  3. I used to make and sell hair extensions..... my tip would be giving a few light coats of hairspray to dull the synthetic hair shine down.

    Katie xx


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