Monday, 15 September 2014

Benefit Majorette Booster Blush

Majorette is the newest addition to the Benefit blush collection!

Unlike Benefit’s cult Box O’Powder range, Majorette is a stunning, creamy booster blush.

Designed to be worn either alone or under one of their box o’powders, this blush gives you the opportunity to create a huge range of different looks.

The cream to powder formula is gorgeous and the colour is divine. The cream melts into your skin and blends perfectly, allowing you to create a strong or more subtle look, depending on what you’re after. 

While it may look a rather strong peach in its packaging, when applied to your skin it takes on a more pinky -peach shade, which flatters even my milky white skin tone.


I don’t normally rate cream blushes due to my oily complexion, but I didn’t even experience a hint of greasiness with Majorette as it transformed into a soft, shine free powder finish pretty much instantly.

Now I realise that this has no bearing whatsoever on how well this blush works, but I need to point out that it smells incredible! I haven’t be able to put my finger on the exact scent, but to me it smells like orange sherbert, which was most pleasant!

Majorette with Hervana

So, having tried it alone, given that Majorette can be used under your regular Benefit blush, I tried it with Hervana.

 You know what, It actually looked pretty and seemed to give the Hervana blush a bit more ‘pop’, making it bolder and more of a statement.

 You can get your own Majorette blush now from Benefit and it costs £23.50.

Nicki Minaj Onika

Onika is the latest fragrance release from Nicki Minaj.

Available nationwide from September 17th, Onika is without a doubt the most ‘grown up’ of her fragrance collection, even down to the somewhat more understated barbz.

This fragrance evokes seduction with its beautiful combination of sensuous fruits, tantalizing florals and sheer musks.

Top Notes: Pear, starfruit and mandarin
Heart Notes: Water lily, orchid and osmanthus
Base Notes: Sugar cane, white musk and cedarwood

 The fragrance and its packaging is designed to reflect Nicki’s evolution  from the pink/green/blue haired, somewhat wacky popstar  that she once was, to a more understated, confident, unguarded and grown up star that she has become. 

I still absolutely love the bottle, it’s just a beautiful thing to look at and so different, and I love the fragrance too.

It retains its sweet, youthful appeal but has a more adult and sensual edge thanks to its musky undertone.

I’ll be honest, I don’t quite ‘get’ why the fragrance was called Onika, that is until i Googled it and it turns out Onika is Nicki's real name! 

I love that she's chosen to name her fragrance after her actual name!

Nicki Minaj Onika EDP is available from Boots now and nationwide from September 17th and 100ml costs £40.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Hydraluron Moisture Jelly

I hate it when I run out of my current moisturiser. When I find a moisturiser that works for me, I’m loathed to try something new, but as the same time, I like to try and keep my options open as you never know when you might find an even better product!

My oily/combination skin is hard to please when it comes to moisturising, it loves and lothes it in equal measures, so when Hydraluron Moisture Jelly was recommended to me, I had to try it.

I’ve never tried a gel moisturiser before, but it sounded like it might be more successful on my oily skin than a thick moisturiser lotion.

This gel is designed to provide immediate and lasting moisture, defending against moisture loss and creating a protective film on your skins surface.
Here’s the science-y part.

It contains a moisture complex which saturates the skin with fast absorbing ingredients and a protective film is formed on the skins surface to defend against moisture evaporation. Hylauronic acid helps to improve hydration levels as well as stimulating collagen production, leaving skin plump and with an improved texture.

Firstly I love the packaging. The gel is enclosed within a funky little pot and when you push down on the top, the perfect amount is dispensed.

It is a light, silky gel which absorbs almost instantly into my skin, leaving no trace or greasy residue.
My face feels soft and fresh, without feeling heavy or clogged.

I will say that if you suffer with dry skin, it probably won’t be rich enough for you, but for combination or oily skin types it is perfect.

You can grab your Hydraluron Moisture Jelly now from Boots and it costs £24.99 for 30ml.

Wilkinson Sword Quattro for women Sparkle Disposables

Wilkinson Sword Quattro for women Sparkle Disposables are the new, must have razors.

These pretty, sparkly, disposable coral razors are perfect for creating a silky smooth look.

These bad boys feature 4 ultra thin blades and a moisturising strip enriched with papaya and pearl complex, designed to provide a close and accurate shave, while keeping your skin smooth and soft.

Expertly designed to hug every curve of your body, they are both practical and pretty!

Better still, each razor comes with a little cap, designed to keep the blades safe and clean, perfect for holidays and weekends away.

I’m pretty rubbish when it comes to shaving and I’m often in a rush, which can result in a bit of a bodge job!

I’m pleased to report that I got no nicks or grazes when using these, even when in the shower with only 5 minutes to get myself ready.

They glided beautifully over my skin and I was left with a gorgeous silky smooth legs!

The Wilkinson Sword Quattro for women Sparkle Disposables are available now and a three pack costs £5.39.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Models Own Diamond Luxe Collection

The Diamond Luxe Collection is the luxurious new range from cult brand Models Own.

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and let’s be honest, that’s pretty true, which is why the Diamond Luxe collection contains real diamond dust!

Available in 10 gorgeous shades, each polish offers a multi dimensional, super sparkly finish.

Carat Coral

I’m not usually a fan of glittery polishes, so I approached the range with caution, but I needn’t have been concerned.

Trillion Taupe

Yes they certainly do offer a gorgeous shine and a super sparkle, but it’s a smooth, shimmery sparkle rather than hardcore, lumpy glitter.  

Pear Purple

Each shade is highly pigmented, needing only one coat and dried super speedily, meaning I could give myself a full manicure AND eat lunch while my little one was napping. 


Like what you see? Well unlike diamonds, these little gems are a really reasonable £4.99 each and are available from the 19th September .