Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Lee Stafford Coco Loco Coconut Spritz

While I can’t stand the taste, I adore the scent of coconuts!

It always remind me of warm, tropical summer days and yummy pina coladas.

You’ll all know by now my love of all things sweet smelling so it’ll come as no surprise to say that I adore the new Lee Stafford Coco Loco range of haircare products, and one in particular.

The Lee Stafford Coconut Spritz (£5.99) has quickly become by absolute favourite haircare product.

This super lightweight spray adds moisture to your hair while detangling, de-frizzing, de fluffing and adding superior shine.

It also smells blinkin’ amazing.

Its marketed as looking like a milk but acting like an oil and I would certainly agree with this.

 The great thing about it is because it’s not an oil, you needn’t worry about making your hair greasy and lank by over-applying (though you shouldn’t use too much obviously!).

I’m rubbish at using hair oils as I always put too much on but so far I’ve never had an issue with this spray.

I use it on towel dried hair and spray it liberally through the ends before blow drying.

It definitely makes me hair feel softer and smoother and leaves it smelling absolutely delicious!
Better still at just £5.99 its really affordable too.

You can buy the Lee Stafford Coco Loco Coconut Spritz and the rest of the Coco Loco range from Boots now.

Garnier Mythic Oilve Ultimate Blends Body Nourishing Lotion

I get through a LOT of body moisturisers thanks to my super dry skin.

I find it a bit weird as my complexion is oily-combination but the skin on my body and my legs in particular is super dry.

It takes a really good moisturiser to make sure that my skin isn’t left feeling tight, itchy and flaky after bathing and I’m very pleased to say I’ve found a fab new one!

This thick, creamy, non greasy lotion is enriched with a blend of virgin olive oil, renowned for its intensively nourishing and soothing properties. 

The Mythic Oil variation is designed for dry skin so the lotion is thicker than I would expect from an ordinary lotion but despite its creaminess it sinks into your skin instantly leaving it feeling soft, smooth and nourished.

It is completely non greasy, doesn’t leave your skin feeling clogged or heavy and it leaves a beautiful, light fragrant scent.

It absolutely did the job on my sensitive, scaly skin and for just £4.49 for a 250ml bottle it’s a fabulous price too.


BonBon Couture

 I simply LOVE Viktor and Rolf fragrances with Flowerbomb being one of my all time favourite scents and their gorgeously cute BonBon which launched in 2014 being another.

This year I am delighted to say that they have expanded their range with the launch of BonBon Couture.

This fabulous new addition is a deeper, more opulent and intense interpretation of the original scent but still retains the deliciously distinctive and addictive notes of the original.

As you may expect from a fragrance called BonBon, this is a sweet, soft scent that’s while being almost good enough to eat also offers a sense of elegance and sophistication.

Mandarin, neroli oil and peach accord are layered together, enhancing the sparkling top note of the scent leaving it more rounded, woody and oriental.

Orange blossom, Sambac jasmine and caramel offer a wonderful creamy element before base notes of sandalwood accord, patchouli, vanilla and tobacco accord bring out the sweetness of the caramel leaving a delicious warmth and addictive scent.

The bottle is as beautiful as the original only with the addition of a pinky pearlised sheen- original and an excellent visual interpretation of the scent housed within.

While BonBon Couture is very similar to BobBon, I would say that if you like your scents slightly heavier, stronger and deeper then this is for you. 

You could even wear BonBon in the day and BonBon Couture of an evening for a more intense impact!

BonBon Couture is available now and 50ml costs £79.
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