Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Benefit Dandelion Shy Beam

Benefit’s Dandelion Shy Beam Liquid Highlighter is possibly one of the most subtle highlighters I’ve come across.

This soft-matte, nude pink liquid has been designed to create the softest, non-shimmery look allowing your radiance to shine through.

Contouring and highlighting can be a bit of a ‘mare sometimes and it can take a while to get the nack of it, highlighting particularly.

I may have been known to have gone a little OTT with my highlighter sometimes and occasionally, maybe, end up resembling a glitter ball at best or a shiny looking mess at worst.

This liquid highlighter is almost my exact skin tone in colour, if slightly lighter and doesn’t contain a hint of shimmer.

When I first applied it, it was so subtle I was pretty sure I couldn’t even see it!

It wasn’t until my skin caught the light in the right way that I could see a subtle difference in the areas I had used it on.

My cheekbones and brow bones appeared to be subtly more prominent and radiant, just without the familiar shimmer I’d normally see with other highlighters.

While the formula and its subtle colour works well on my skin, if you are any darker than me then I’m not sure Shy Beam will work for you.

While it does blend in well, I think you may struggle to make it work on darker skin tones and it may look a little like you’ve applied foundation that is too light for your skin.

For pale and light skin tones like me however, it’s a great product and is perfect for creating a natural day look.

Benefit’s Dandelion Shy Beam is available now from Benefit and it costs £19.50.

Janjira Thai Lime & Ginger Sugar Milky Body Scrub & Body Butter

One of my favourite times of the day is bath and getting ready for bed time. 

I often find myself feeling jealous of my toddler when I put him in his lovely, bubbly bath at 6pm, get to wrap him in a warm towel and then smother him in lovely nourishing body creams to look after his delicate skin.

I look at the time and know I’ve got at least another hour until I can indulge in this routine myself!

Two products that are currently making my evening routine all the more enjoyable are from a brand called Janjira. 

Born in Thailand, Janjira was created to harmonise between ancient wisdom inspired by Thai culture, tradition and innovative technology.

Their Spa inspired ranges are built around the bathing rituals of Thai royalty, Janjira brings the ultimate spa experience into your home.

I love spa inspired products as they often exude luxury and evoke feelings of pure relaxation, something that I know I look for in a pampering product if not for every day use.

I’m currently indulging in (and loving) the Thai Lime & Ginger Sugar Milky Body Scrub and Body Butter.

Their Thai Lime and Ginger range features zesty yet soft scents of lime combined with ginger and bitter orange which activates your senses, revitalises your mind and refreshes your body.

It is a truly stunning smelling collection that I can’t get enough of!

So first up we’ve got the Sugar Milky Body Scrub. This little lovely uses refined sugar to help exfoliate, enhance, smoothen and brighten your skin while emolient-rich oils help to restore hydration and moisture.

For a scrub its actually deliciously smooth and not too abrasive or rough, helped in part I’m sure by its gorgeously rich oil content that ensures your skin is nourished as well as buffed to perfection.

It contains Sweet Almond Oil which is easily absorbed into the skin leaving it feeling silky soft while sugar crystals gently buff away dead, tired skin.

It smells incredible and is so relaxing to use!

Thankfully they also have a body butter in the same range which means the relaxation and enjoyment can be continued when out of the bath too.

Enriched with Ginger and Citrus Extracts this Body Butter helps to replenish and moisturise your skin without leaving a greasy, oily residue.

For such a thick, rich cream it melts into the skin and disappears really quickly leaving you feeling soft, nourished and smelling good enough to eat!

It contains a host of skin loving ingredients to pamper you to perfection with Vitamin B3 to help maintain your skins moisture balance, Avocado oil with vitamins A,B,D,E and amino acids to help soothe and heal the skin and shea butter to add natural moisture and to keep your skin feeling soft and supple.

At £26 each, this duo are not cheap so I personally choose to save them for a weekly treat as opposed to daily use which means they last longer and can be enjoyed longer too!

If you’ve yet to discover Janjira’s range of products allow me to suggest these scrummy products as a pretty good starting point!

You can buy Janjira’s Thai Lime & Ginger Sugar Milky Body Scrub and Body Butter from their website now.

Giorgio Armani Sì Rose Signature

Sì Rose signature is the absolutely stunning limited edition Floral Chypre from Giorgio Armani.

This gorgeous scent is a fresher and intensely Rose representation of the original Sì eau de parfum.

Everything about this scent is beautiful, from its addictive, sweet and sophisticated scent to the unmistakeably recognisable bottle which has been dressed in a nude satin veil sewn on by hand around each bottle, making every bottle unique.

This fragrance is something special.

The peach coloured nectar within features top notes of juicy blackcurrant liqueur and sweet, subtle tones of fragrant Freesia. 

Osmanthus Absolute brings a heady, fruity floral sensation with undertones of Apricot before heart notes of Rose, Rose de Mai Absolute and Turkish Rose Absolute burst into bloom creating a relaxing and comforting experience.

Base notes of Patchouli, Iris and Vanilla then combine to round off the scent with their sensual, powdery, earthy and sweet tones leaving a fragrance that is simply stunning.

I am a huge fan of the original Sì scent and wasn’t at all convinced that this addition to the range would be able to compete but man was I wrong.

Sì Rose signature most definitely has its place in the line and is a gorgeously lighter interpretation, perfect for the warmer spring and summer months when you might be looking for a slightly fresher scent.

It still features the same addictive, warm, powdery and sweet tones as the original but is less heady and more playful I suppose you could say!

Sì Rose signature is the perfect addition to your fragrance for all Sì lovers and those of you who adore sweet yet sophisticated and addictive scents.

You can get your hands on this limited edition scent now and if you're heading off on holiday pop into World Duty Free where you can get 100ml for a bargainous £74.35 verus the highstreet price of £94!

REN Flash Defence Anti-Pollution Mist

There’s a flashy and innovative new product on the market from REN that has been created to instantly protect your skin from major urban pollutants.

REN’s Flash Defence Anti Pollution Mist shields and protects your skin from the ageing effects of environmental pollution and harmful free radicals in an innovative new way.

Here’s a little bit of scientific info just to explain why your skin could benefit from using this product.

“UV light and environmental pollutants including cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes and heavy metals generate free radicals on the surface of the skin. Free radicals induce oxidative damage that puts skin cells in a state of ‘oxidative stress’. Asphyxiated and intoxicated, the skin loses its radiance and a grey looking complexion sets in.”

To be honest I can totally buy that- I only have to think back to the days of commuting into London and how grimy, grim and dirty my skin would feel come the end of the day. I couldn’t wait to get my make up off!

So, this mist helps protect your skin in several ways;

It contains something Biosaccharide Gum which is derived from sugar and yeast and forms a non sticky, invisible protective layer that acts like a second skin to shield your skin from the major pollutants.

Zinc and Manganese Amino Acids protect the skin from oxidative stress, Quercetin boosts the antioxidant capacity of the cell stimulating skin repair and Alfa-glucan helps to remove altered cell components and detoxify to increase cell longevity.

Yeah, all sounds quite complicated and technical doesn’t it!

So now you’ve heard all the sciency bits, here’s for the part where I tell you what its like.

To be honest, it’s a plain and simple mist that has a very light, fresh scent.

After you’ve applied your make up, simply spritz it liberally over your face, neck and décolleté.
It disappears almost instantly and to be honest, you’d never know it was there. 

Now, while I love the idea in principal, after finding out that a bottle costs £24 I am personally of the opinion that this is somewhat of a luxury product.

If you work in a city and are exposed to serious amounts of pollution on a daily basis then you know what, Its probably a worthwhile buy. 

My only bug bear is that you don’t see huge results or differences in your skin instantly. That said, you can simply sit back and know that you are giving your skin a helping hand against all the rubbish in the air around you.

REN’s new Flash Defence Anti-Pollution Mist is available now from the REN website and costs £24.
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