Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Diet Chef: Week 1 Review

Well, one week into to my diet with Diet Chef and I have lost 2 pounds!

I am really surprised that I managed to lose weight so quickly and really so easily given that I've been eating three meals a day and a snack.

Don't get me wrong the portion sizes are not huge but then they’re never going to be when you're trying to lose weight, but what each meal lacks in quantity it really does make up for in quality.

My exciting delivery of food for the month!

Every meal I've had has been really delicious and although the portion sizes are quite small I found the bulking them out with lots of vegetables or fruit has helped.

Out of all the meals I've had so far these are my favourite;

For breakfast I'm really loving the soft chocolate cookie. It tastes so delicious it's really difficult to believe that this is a diet food! I never thought a cookie for breakfast would allow me to lose weight!

This pasta pot is so yum!

My favourite lunch at the moment is the pesto pasta pots. You get a really decent amount of pasta in the pots, they're ready in five minutes and so filling and tasty.

I'm a big fan of curry so I was over the moon to find out that I was able to indulge in a curry while on this diet. The Diet Chef chicken korma has now established itself as one of my favourite meals. I do cook some rice to have with it but I will measure it out to ensure that it still within my calorie allowance.

A months worth of food!

Two of my favourite snack so far are their cheese and onion crisp snacks and the Cranberry protein bar.  They're both really yummy and satisfy my cravings between meals, be they for sweet things or savoury.

Because it's been so hot I haven't had the chance to do as much exercise as I would've liked so I'm still surprised to have lost 2 pounds this week.

The first couple of days were hard because the portion sizes are relatively small compared to what I've been used to, but a week on I feel I'm coping much better.

My whole day's worth of meals planned!

I love that at the start of the day I can plan out what meals I'm going to have and it's just so easy.

They’re so quick to make as well it means my meal times don’t eat into any of my precious ‘me’ time.

So to summarise, one week in I’m feeling impressed, motivated and really pleased!

Bring on week two!

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Models Own SweetShop Range

Models Own are set to launch their newest range online on July 25th, and it’s a DELICIOUS range!
Say hello to SweetShop!

Inspired by your favourite childhood sweets, these five polishes release a sugary sweet scent when dry, perfect for those with a sweet tooth like me!

The range is;

Pear Drops: coral and scented like pear drops
Fizzy Cola Bottles: neutral beige-brown and cola scented
Rhubarb and Custard: dark red scented with rhubarb and custard
Liquorice Allsorts: opaque black scented with liquorice
Gumballs: hot pink scented with bubblegum

Each polish costs £5 and will become available in Models Own Bottleshops on July 26th and Superdrug on July 30th too.

Arbonne Calm Range

My skin has always been sensitive as well as problematic, so you can imagine the state it was left in after all the hormonal changes of pregnancy.

Products I used to love suddenly started reacting with my skin and I was left looking a state with a dull, tired looking complexion with sore, dry patches.

I heard great things about a brand called Arbonne so decided to leave my face in their hands and give their Calm range a go.

Arbonne’s Calm range is for sensitive skin and is designed to hydrate, sooth and comfort your skin.

Their cleanser is a pleasure to use!

It is fragrance and Suplhate free and is formulated with only the bare essential ingredients.

It lathers beautifully, cleanses gently and leaves your skin feeling fresh and soft, with no tightness.

The soothing facial serum is just as impressive.

The serum itself is a yellowy orange colour and is extremely light weight. I’d actually liken the texture to that of thick water. 

It’s non greasy and doesn’t have that generic slippery serum feel to it.

The serum quickly penetrates the skin, locking in moisture and leaving it feeling hydrating and soft.

I could get through this serum in the bucket load! It cools my skin, soothing any sore and dry areas, vastly improving the texture and appearance of my skin.

Like the cleanser, the serum is fragrance free and I love how fresh, soft and firm my skin feels after I’ve used it!

You can get your hands on the whole Arbonne Calm range from their website here.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Diet Chef: My Weight Loss Journey Begins

Like many ladies, I gained a decent amount of weight while pregnant. I refused to weigh myself through my pregnancy, but going by my current weight, I’d estimate that I gained around 3 1/2 stone.

6 months on I’ve lost 1 ½ stone, but I’m really struggling to lose the last 2. I think it’s mainly due to dwindling will power but also the inability to pop to the gym whenever I want. 

The last thing I want to do at the end of a long day, when the little one has finally gone to bed, is put on my work out gear and head off to the gym. I’m exhausted by 7pm every night and want to spend time with my hubby, so it rarely (ok, never) happens.

Another issue is actually finding the time to eat regularly and healthily throughout the day. I eat what I can, when I can, and never have the time to prepare meals in advance.

 I’m just not that organised.

With all of this in mind, I’ve decided is enough is enough, I need to lose the 2 stone and so I’ve turned to Diet Chef to help me.

For those of you that haven’t heard of them before, Diet Chef provide you with breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack for every day of the week. Everything is calorie counted, portion controlled and can help you to lose 2 pounds a week, while getting to eat real, wholesome and tasty food.

They have 100 dishes to choose from, so you’re spoilt for choice and don’t have to waste time worrying about what you’re going to eat every day!

The food is convenient, easy to prepare (every dish is ready in under 3 minutes) and sounds delicious! 

A diet that allows you to have a curry and chocolate cookie has GOT to be worth a try!

You order your meals online and can choose from a wide range of products for every meal. All you have to add to your pre-prepared meals is your daily allowance of fresh fruit and vegetables, and you’re assorted!

As I type, I’m waiting for my month’s worth of food to arrive and quite Frankly, I can’t wait to get started!

For now, look what I’ve got coming for me!

It’s hard to believe I’ll be able to eat some of these dishes and still lose weight, I’m so excited!

I’ll be updating you regularly on my progress and weight loss journey with Diet Chef, so stay tuned!