Monday, 18 March 2019

Philip Kingsley Pomegranate and Cassis Elasticizer

If you’ve yet to hear of Philip Kingsley’s Elasticizer then where the heck have you been people?

This product is in the top 10 of almost everyone I knows beauty must-have list.

Want to know why?

Well lets start by telling you that this was originally created for Audrey Hepburn (nuff said).

The Elasticizer is an intensive, super conditioning, pre-shampoo treatment that delivers a rush of moisture to your hair’s cuticle. This in turn creates unparalleled suppleness, elasticity and a healthy looking bounce appear instantly without weighing down or coating your hair. 

This multi-award winning treatment is enriched with elastin, castor oil and olive oil, plus sunscreen for UV protection so this bad boy doesn’t just leave your hair smelling beautiful, it leaves it looking it too.

Designed to be used once or twice a week (depending on the state of your hair),  you apply it before shampooing. Dampen your hair and slap on the thick, indulgent cream from the mid lengths to the end of your locks and don’t be afraid to be generous with your application.

Next, cover your hair with a shower cap or towel to create a little heat which help the nutrients to become fully absorbed and leave for 10-20 minutes. 

After that you can simply shampoo and condition as usual. Easy peasy, except unlike when you’d ordinarily shampoo and condition your hair, you’re going to notice an immediate and noticeable difference to the quality of your locks. 

For me, my hair feels like it’s been transformed. I’m talking extra, super shiny and wonderfully soft to touch and dare I say it, stronger.

Just when you think things couldn’t get any better the guys at Philip Kingsley only go and give it an opulent new make-over!

Say hello to the new Pomegranate and Cassis version!

This decadent new limited-edition features notes of sweet vanilla, patchouli and cedar blended with a hint of warming spice, zesty orange, ginger and nutmeg.

It is a soft, sweet and warm scent when envelopes your senses, energising your mind while you wait for it to work its magic.

It feels (and smells) every so indulgent and luxurious it really is nothing but a pure pleasure to use.


Sunday, 17 March 2019

Britney Spears Rainbow Fantasy

If you read my blog regularly you’ll know that I have a big passion for fragrances. I love the way in which a scent can lift, change and compliment your mood depending on the time of year, time of day or even occasion.

I’m also not usually a huge fan of celebrity scents, that’s not to say that there aren’t any that I don’t love- there are several, but my all-time favourite celeb fragrance maker is the one and only Britney Spears.

Britney just seems to ‘get me’ in terms of the scents I love. 

Her latest addition to her every growing collection could possibly top my all-time favourite (fantasy).
Say hello to Rainbow Fantasy.

Described as an oriental floral, id actually say it’s more of a light gourmand scent.

Housed within her now iconic bottle rainbow brings a bright fresh, vivid and fun element to the fragrance. Iridescent oranges, pinks and blues create a stunning treat for the eyes and I simply adore the lilac hue of the wrap which adorns the neck of the bottle.

Whimsical, feminine and fun it just radiates the magic that rainbows create.

In terms of the scent itself, Rainbow Fantasy opens with notes of juicy pear, sweet cloudberry and mouth-watering lemon caviar for a truly delicious introduction.

Mid notes of enchanting peony mingle with water lily and Jasmine petals to unleash a delicate bouquet that compliments the sweetness of the top notes.

Vibrant woods, crystalline amber and prismatic cotton candy combine to the close the scent, rounding it off with a soft depth that is simply addictive and delicious!

Britney says of the scent;

‘Rainbow Fantasy is a really magical scent that makes memories come to life, and inspires everyone to dream big’

I’d say that’s a fairly accurate description of the fragrance she’s created and if like me you love her scents, then you’re about to be blown away by Rainbow Fantasy.

Britney Spears Rainbow Fantasy costs £35 for 100ml an is available now exclusively from Superdrug before becoming available nationwide and at The Fragrance Shop from March 27th.

Thursday, 14 March 2019

Baylis & Harding Beauticology Super Mum Box of Treats Set

Lets face it. Mums are basically Superheros in disguise. 

In fact, their disguises are often SO good that they regularly consist of sporting eye bags that have grown their own eye bags, constantly adorned in snack-stained clothes (not their own snacks sadly), greasy hair piled on top of their heads, a permanently hassled (or vacant, perhaps both) look fixed upon their face BUT man do they radiate love for their little (or not so little any more) people.

I’d just like to say that the above description refers solely to myself- many mothers I know look amazingly glam, all the time. I’m not one of those mums. 

Either way, there’s no better time than Mother’s Day to show your appreciation for everything that special lady in your life does for you and Beauticology by Baylis and Harding have the perfect gift set for you.

And yes, it really does come complete with its own sash which should really be worn ALL.THE.TIME. in solidarity of how awesome mums are!

The Baylis and Harding Beauticology Super Mum Box of Treats contains a trio of pampering goodies to allow your mum a moment of peace and relaxation!

There’s a scent for every mood with the three products. 

You’ve got a Unicorn Candy body wash which basically smells like freshly baked, warm vanilla sponge cakes topped with thick, decadent icing and topped with the softest, sweetest cherry. Yum.

There’s and Indulgent tropically scented body butter to transport you to warmer climes while nourishing and soothing dry skin and finally there’s a pot of Frosted Sprinkle Donut bath crystals, which as you may suspect, smell just like donut sprinkles.

*Warning* Seriously though, I’m not saying I tried to eat one to see if it tasted like it smelt, but don’t do it. 

Priced at an INSANE £12 from Amazon it is just the cutest, most perfect little gift and the box is great to keep after too as a reminder of how much we mums rock!
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