Monday, 1 February 2016

Tiffany & Co To Create A New Line of Fragrances

Oooh! HOW exciting is this little bit of fragrance news!

Tiffany & Co. and COTY have entered an international licensing agreement regarding the development, production and distribution of a new line of Tiffany & Co. fragrances for women and men, to be sold at the jewellery label's stores as well as other select luxury retailers!

I have no further info right now but can you imagine how fabulous will these scents will be!!

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Deep Moisture Balm

Winter, cold weather, wind and central heating can play total havoc with your skin and I for one find myself battling to maintain a healthy and fresh looking complexion during these months.

While I have oily-combination skin, sometimes my skin needs a little more TLC than the super light moisturisers I give it and Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Deep Moisture Balm is the product I’ve been using to satisfy my skins moisture cravings.

I will just say quickly that if your skin is REALLY oily or prone to breakouts this is not the cream for you, indeed it’s not even really a cream, it is a thick and super rich balm which is likely to be too heavy for your skin.

If you suffer with dry or very dry skin though this balm is about to become your best mate.

This thick, rich and creamy balm has been formulate with the iconic Ultra Facial range ingredients Antarticine and Squalane which help to retain moisture as well as Edelweiss Flower Extract which helps to strengthen the skins barrier function to lock in hydration.

The balm itself is pretty much scent free, melts onto your skin (and you do only need a teenie tiny amount!) and leaves it feeling super soft and hydrated without feeling greasy, no mean feat in my opinion.

Now, I only use this once a week at night because any more often would be too much for my skin but if you have dry, sore skin then this balm will be a fabulous hydrating and softening treat for your face.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Deep Moisture Balm is available now and costs £24 for 50ml.


DKNY Be Electric Limited Edition Collection

Be Delicious Electric is the brand new spring inspired collection from the cult brand DKNY.

Inspired by New York, the city that never sleeps this trio are a bright, vibrant and fresh threesome designed to put a spring in your step.

Firstly you’ve got the bright pink bottle, Electric Loving Glow which features top notes of blackcurrant, grape and pineapple. Jasmine, purple violet and apricot make up the heart notes before vanilla, amberwood and musk round off the scent.

Personally this is my least favourite edition in the trio as despite some of the sweet notes, I find it a bit too heady and floral. It is also bright pink and anyone that knows me knows I don’t do pink! Ha!

Next up is the bright orange Electric Citrus Pulse which I thought had a really familiar smell to it.

This eau de toilette opens with nectarine, mandarin and passionfruit before being met with floral notes of jasmine absolute, plumeria blossom and magnolia. Base notes of benzoin, warm musk and sandalwood complete the unique scent and I eventually figured out what it reminded me of!

Unlike the heavier, floral Loving Glow, Citrus Pulse is a much warmer, softer scent that on reflection reminds me of the smell of love hearts! 

Finally we’ve got Electric Bright Crush in the lime green shade, which I must point out that I don’t love- I’m not a fan of fluorescent colours but I get the need for it given the inspiration behind the line.

This is actually my favourite of the three fragrances thanks to it sweet and juicy notes. It contains top notes of blackcurrant and plum and heart notes of frangipani and peony. Base notes of amber, vanilla and creamy woods give the fragrance a warm and well rounded smell and i'd definitely say this is the most wearable of the three scents.

It is light, fresh, sweet and in my opinion, closest to the original Be Delicious line than the other two.

So, while I don’t love the bright new look I’m rather taken by both the limited edition Citrus Pulse and Bright Crush.

The new DKNY Be Delicious Electric collection will be available nationwide from March and will cost £37 for each 50ml bottle.
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