Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Beauty Pie Japanfusion Pure Transforming Cleanser

If you love luxury skincare and beauty but haven’t heard of Beauty Pie then before we go any further you need to read my post HERE explaining how it all works.

Now you need to understand, that I have waited almost two months for this cleanser to come back in stock. It is THAT popular. 

Made in Japan, Beauty Pie’s Japanfusion™ Pure Transforming Cleanser is a superlight melting cleanser designed for all skin types and we ALL know how much I love a melting cleanser!

Packaged in a really sleek, chic, pinky tube it is a full 100ml so you’re getting a lot of cleanser for your money, which by the way, if you’re a member is just £5.89. I know. Bonkers isn’t it.

Fragrance and colour free, this cleanser has been antioxidant infused and features a high tech gel-to-oil-to-milk cleansing balm.

Thick and rich in texture it quickly glides across dry skin, allowing you to gently massage the product into your face. 

Formulated with a moisture lock complex it features a quadruple-action Pombe Yeast derivative that delivers moisture and firmness, visibly re-energizes the complexion and reducing visible lines and wrinkles through deep hydration and skin-surface nourishing.

Jabara extract (antioxidant ingredient harvested from the Japanese citrus fruit, rich in Vitamin C and polyphenols) helps inhibit the appearance of pigmented spots, and helps keep free radicals from aging the look of your face.

Something rather complex called Delamyth Dna+  is an extract from the peels of the Delaware grape which is proven to help soothe the skin and to counteract UV-related free radical damage with excellent antioxidant activities.

No cleanser would be complete without some Vitamin E thrown in for some extra antioxidant protection and deep skin moisturization.

I cam see why this cleanser is constantly out of stock.

Gentle, sleek, soft and wonderful it glides across your skin, removing all traces of make-up and grime as it goes. 

Despite its thickness when dispensed it is actually really light in texture- probably due to its high tech gel to oil to milk situation and once splashed with warm water the gel emulsifies into a nourishing milk, leaving your skin feeling clean, refreshed and gorgeous.

I wasn’t 100% convinced that such a light cleanser could remove all my make-up so I stuck to my tried and tested ‘toner on a pad’ experiment and do you know, not a single smear of make-up was left on my face.


I will say that despite being described as suitable for everyone, it did leave my skin feeling a little tight after so I may try the equally popular Plantastic Apricot Butter Cleaning Balm which I’ve heard may be better for drier skin.

If you want to get your hands on this mega cleanser at a seriously ridiculous price you ned to Hurry before it sells out again to head to Beauty Pie now!

Thursday, 6 June 2019

Marc Jacobs Shameless Youthful Look 24 Hour Foundation

I don’t tend to wear foundation- partially because I don’t et the time in the mornings to doll myself up properly but also because I like to try and let me skin breathe as much as possible.

This innovative foundation (pictured in shade Light R230) features a clever self-setting technology meaning that no loose powder or setting spray is necessary which I LOVE because it is this element of ‘setting’ my foundation that leaves me feeling like I’m wearing a mask and it begins to feel heavy and cakey. Not so here.

Marc Jacobs has it SO right when he says;

 "The idea of Shameless and showing your true colours is being who you are, unapologetic and proud. One of the most important characteristics, in terms of a contemporary, youthful look, is not that heavy sort of makeup, but something that’s fresh and breathes and allows radiance and the texture of the skin to come through."  

I’d describe it as a medium coverage formula and its oil-free, weightless texture allows for easy buildability while its patented Infinity Milling process produces super-fine pigments that result in the most natural-looking, self-setting finish.

Clinically tested for 24 hours of wear, Marc Jacobs’ Shameless Youthful-Look Longwear Foundation contains a first-to-market technology that encapsulates the SPF in the pigment. 

This innovation makes the SPF visibly undetectable meaning that there’s no flashback in photos and no ashy, grey undertones in the formula.

Its really impressive!

It has a HUGE range of different shades available so there will definitely be one to suit every skin-tone.

Quite apart from its beautiful application and flawless finish the foundation beautifies from the inside out, providing skincare benefits too!

It contains snow mushroom, which is known for its ability to hold onto water (nature’s hyaluronic acid). 

The formula also contains blue daisy extract which is known to visibly diminish the complexion-dulling effects of pollution. 

The overall effect is a foundation that leaves you looking healthy and skin feeling plumped, hydrated and more youthful.


Monday, 3 June 2019

Emma Hardie Midas Touch Revitalising Eye Serum

They say that your eyes are the windows to your soul as I’m getting older there’s no denying that anyone looking into those eyes can see that my soul is aging!

Now, the skin around the eye area is thinner than the skin on the rest of your face so naturally, requires a slightly different approach to looking after it. 

Following on from the success of Emma Hardie’s Midas Touch Face Serum is her new Midas Touch Revitalising Eye Serum (£49).
This lightweight serum has been created to lift and tighten the eye area while reducing puffiness, smoothing fine lines, fading dark circles and boosting cellular renewal, all while offering nourishing and moisturising qualities.

Sounds a lot huh.

Housed within a sleek, chic gold cylindrical vessel with the iconic EH adorning the cap, this little bottle is packed full of skin loving ingredients designed to help brighten and tighten the eye area.

You won’t be surprised at all to hear that it contains Hyaluronic acid as this little gem works to keep skin hydrated, moisturised and plump throughout the day. 

Aloe Vera offers a cooling and soothing sensation to help liven up tired eyes while Raspberry seed oil which in rich in fatty acids and Vitamin E creates a condition lipid barrier for protection and moisture retention.

Sweet Almond oil also features thanks to its vitamins A, B1, B2 and B6 plus it’s a great skin  conditioner while an ingredient called Glycofilm acts as a natural shield to protect against environmental aggressors and damage.

It also contains something called ‘Beautifeye’ which is a technology to strengthen and lift the eye area, blur fine lines and fade dark circles. All rather impressive I’m sure you’ll agree.

As for the serum itself, its actually slightly thicker than I had expected (before remembering that the eye area requires different treatment!)

It has the most delicate, aromatic scent which is barely detectable but is pleasant nonetheless and glides onto the skin like a dream.

To apply, dispense a small amount onto the eye contour area in the morning after cleansing and gently tap it around then blend with your fingers until all visible traces have disappeared.

I found that it takes a little while to sink in so don’t apply if you’re in a hurry to get our make up on!

I like using it the most at night where I apply a generous quantity and sit back and enjoy the cooling and soothing experience of my windows, sorry I mean eyes, receiving their daily TLC.

Emma Hardie’s Midas Touch Revitalising Eye Serum is available now and costs £49.
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