Tuesday, 16 July 2019

REN Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil

 Show me someone who doesn’t love a bath and I’ll show you a liar, or possibly a man, there aren’t many men that I know that like baths but anyway I digress.

One of the most relaxing bathing experiences you’ll ever get is courtesy of REN and their iconic, award winning Moroccan Rose collection.

Harvested at dawn from the Valley of the Roses in the Atlas Mountains, Moroccan roses are renowned for their delicate blossom and natural fragrance.

They also feature anti-inflammatory and moisturising qualities when transformed into and oil. 

So popular is this gorgeous range that it received a brand new look in 2013 and now features a design features on the packaging an Arabesquem pattern derived from Islamic art and calligraphy, inspired by the Moroccan Rose .

Its really very gorgeous, as you can see.

A favourite of mine from their collection is the Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil (£32).

Expensive, yes, but this bath oil is what I literally refer to a liquid gold.

Formulated with Moroccan Rose Otto Oil to nourish, moisturise and condition the skin, its delicate and gorgeous scent envelops your senses, transforming your bathing experience and calming your mind and well as your body. 

Moroccan Rose Otto Oil with its hydrating, anti-inflammatory, stress relieving properties help to relax while Geranium Oil helps to nourish, soothe and  minimise the signs of skin fatigue.

It is a truly special bath oil, one of those oils that you keep for special occasions only and for that reason it makes it the perfect Mother’s Day gift!

REN’s Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil is available now from their website and costs £32.

Thursday, 11 July 2019

Coco & Eve Like A Virgin Hair Masque

I first came across Coco and Eve’s hair mask on Instagram after seeing a flurry if posts about this apparent ‘miracle’ worker.

Women with thick, long or damaged hair were raving about it in their droves, claiming it had restored vitality, health and shine to their locks.

As the owner of long, damaged hair myself I was intrigued and despite its fairly hefty price tag, I decided that the testimonials were too hard to ignore and that I just HAD to try it for myself.

I promptly ordered a pot of their Like A Virgin Hair Masque which comes beautifully presented in a cute little box along with a free, matching 2 tiered bristle brush.

At £34.90 it was an expensive treat but as it is designed to be used just once or twice a week for oily  hair like mine I thought it would last some time and the results would be worth the initial investment.

Marketed as a 5 in 1 treatment it claims to restore dry damaged hair, improve your hairs texture and shine, hydrate and deeply condition, treat split ends and tames frizz and transform your hair in only 10 minutes.

Formulate with raw virgin coconuts from Bali, the mask claims to add shine and softness to the hair while strengthening and repairing to preventing hair breakage and split ends. The coconut penetrates deep into your hair follicles to help promote a healthy scalp and prevent problems such as dandruff.

Essence of fig and shea butter work to moisturise and help detangle the hair without making it heavy or weighing it down, Linseed improves the gloss and texture so it’s silky soft to the touch and Argan Oil treats split ends and tames frizziness, to make your hair more manageable, adding gloss and shine to give hair vitality.

The mask itself smells as incredible as you may expect. Think of a sweet, tropical breeze with notes of fig and coconut. It’s just a gorgeous, soft, mellow scent and I couldn’t wait to have hair that smelt so delicious!

Thick, creamy and rich in texture, the mask is almost the consistency of a body butter. Indeed, when 
applying the mask to my hair it felt like I was putting a moisturiser on my hair!

Applied to the lengths of my hair avoiding my scalp, I applied a generous dollop and used the accompanying brush to gently distribute the product evenly through my hair. Truthfully, almost immediately after applying it I could feel a difference in my hair.

I usually try not to brush my hair when wet for fear of causing breakages or damaging it further, but once the mask was in my hair the brush pretty much effortlessly glided through my hair, probably in part thanks to the brush’s 2 tiered bristle technology which aids detangling with minimal breakage, but I could definitely already feel an improvement.

I left the mask on for 10 minutes as stated then rinsed and oh my I knew I was in for a treat. Even while still wet I could feel the difference to the texture of my hair.

Once blow dried I noticed that my split ends which usually would feel coarse now felt silky and smooth and even before I used my straighteners my hair shone.

Once straightened I was the proud owner of rejuvenated, silky, shiny and gorgeous hair that smelt as good as it looked.

As promised the mask hadn’t weighed my hair down but had left it feeling the healthiest it had felt it years and looking just as impressive.

I was genuinely really, really impressed.

This wonder mask is easily as good as any intensive treatment you may have in a hair salon, only you have the pleasure of being able to use it from the comfort of your own home and I cannot impress upon you more how gorgeous it leaves your hair smelling.

I did find however, that my hair may have become slightly greasier quicker than usual. I initially put this down to the product however I soon realise that it had more to do with the sheer amount of time I spent brushing and caressing my silky new locks than the mask!

If you have long, damaged, coarse or frizzy hair and long for silky, soft hair that shines with radiance then honestly you need to try Coco and Eve’s Like a Virgin Hair Masque

No, its not cheap but unlike many other products out there with impressive claims and no substance, this lovely genuinely works.

Coco and Eve’s Like a Virgin Hair Masque is available now from their website.

Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Herbae par L'Occitane Eau de Parfum

Herbae par L’Occitane is the beautiful new summery scent from the luxury brand.

This exquisite, fresh, floral, green nectar has been inspired by the wild grasses that grow in Provence.

A truly stunning, botanical scent, Herbae par L’Occitane is a reflection of nature in all its authenticity and simplicity.

The bottle is a beautiful physical representation of the juice within, with a simplistic and chic transparent glass bottle revealing the green juice inside. 

The cap of the bottle features a neatly tied, natural raffia bow while the tube that captures the fragrance is green, making it look very much like the stem of a  flower or plant.

Simple yet stunning, it captures and hints at what you can expect from the new scent to perfection.

­“This fragrance was inspired by diving into the heart of the wild and vibrant nature of Provence, symbolised by the abundance of wild grasses. It's a vision of nature that is raw, sincere and free of artifice– one that reveals its true, most simple beauty” say Herbae Par L’occitane perfumers Nad├Ęge Le Garlantezec and Shyamala Maisondieu.

The fresh, sparkling scent opens with notes of citrusy and spicy Ambrette Seed, Bergamot Essence and Pink Peppercorn before heart notes of soft wild rose combine with white nettle, bramble accord and clary sage essence to create a swirling, sharpness that evokes the scents of a stroll through a forest on a sunny day.

Base notes of sweet wild grass blend seamlessly with captive musk to create a warm sweetness while Cashmeran offers a complimentary woody and spicy undertone.

Well rounded, beautiful and perfect for sunny summer days, it is a truly gorgeous fragrance which sits perfectly within L’Occitane’s catalogue of scents.

I didn’t expect to like such a scent yet it offers a really beautiful and feminine lightness which is great for warm days when you don’t want to feel weighed down by heady, deep scents.

I think the simplicity of the bottle is quite a work of art too. They’ve managed to make a really plain bottle come to life thanks to the finer details such as the raffia bow and green tube. The attention to detail really pays off and the bottle is gorgeous.

The new launch also features a selection of complimentary products to allow you to extend the Herbae experience for longer and immerse yourself in it even further.

There’s a also a Shower Gel, Perfumed Soap, Hand Cream and Beauty Milk all of which feature the same addictive and beautiful scent.

I adore the shea butter enriched Beauty Milk (£24.50) which effortlessly nourishes your skin, leaving behind the green, floral scent.

Lightweight like a lotion but with all the moisturising properties of a butter, this non greasy milk is absorbed quickly, quenching parched skin and leaving it feeling soft and smelling gorgeous.

I absolutely adore this fabulously understated scent.

Bravo L’Occitane!

Herbae par L’Occitane eau de parfum is available now and costs £60 for 50ml.
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