Monday, 17 October 2011

Orofluido- Beauty Ritual For Your Hair

 Most women I know are on what seems like a never ending quest for healthy, shiny, gorgeous hair. After all, who wouldn’t want that, and as the party season is fast approaching we are on the look out for the must have products to help ensure that we sparkle and shine at each party we attend.

You may not be familiar with this brand (I wasn’t) but Orofluido is here to answer your prayers and has brought out a limited edition Elixir Oil and Gold Dust Gift set just in time for the party season.

The gift set looks utterly divine, with sumptuous gold packaging set against the luxury of velvet packaging hugging the Elixir and Gold Dust within. 

The Beauty Elixir is for all hair types and contains three natural, organic oils which leaves hair light and silky and provides fab movement and body with a glimmering shine. 

The Orofludio Elixir
The Elixir has a lovely, delicate vanilla-esq fragrance but be warned, a little goes a long way and too much product will leave your hair heavy and lank.

While I’ve never been much of a fan of glitter or shimmer dust for your hair, you can’t help but be seduced with the gorgeous presentation of the Orofluido Gold Dust. 

Orofludio Gold Dust
Captured in a beautiful, vintage bottle, spraying this product over your finished style with the little pump evokes the feeling of pure Hollywood  glamour- plus it looks amazing on your dressing table.

My hand after being sprayed with the gold dust. Sparkly and pretty!

This little set of light is available for £26.99 and would make a great Christmas present for someone, or perhaps just a little gift to yourself! Head to for more info.


  1. Ooo that might finally add some sparkle and sheen on to my blonde hair as blonde is notoriously difficult to get a shine!

    I think I needs me some for party season!


  2. That's beautiful. I wouldn't mind to receive that from Santa. Hehe. :)

  3. I just love the look of it :3

  4. The elixir looks promising... I've tried the shampoo from this range and really liked it x


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