Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Meet Nicola Roberts & her Dainty Doll Range

Nicola Roberts.

One fifth of one of the most successful British Girl Groups of all time.

Successful Solo Artist.


Creator of the fabulous make up brand Dainty Doll.

This girl has one impressive looking CV. I spoke to her about the creation of her gorgeous brand Dainty Doll and introduce you to a few of her key products.

The Dainty Roll range features gorgeous packing with a pale skinned, red headed lovely adorning the front of the products. I wonder who this was modeled on!

Hi Nicola! So, what made you decide to create your own make up brand?

At the time I created my range Dainty Doll I was aware that not many big corporate brands catered for women with paler skin tones. This really frustrated me so I decide to create my own. I know at the time pale skin wasn’t fashionable, but that doesn’t mean paler skinner women shouldn’t be catered for.

Absolutely! I have really pale skin and find that I struggle a lot too. How did you come up with the name Dainty Doll?

Pale skin is really fragile. I think it looks fragile and it’s definitely fragile to the sun and the damage that it can cause to paler skin tones. The word ‘Dainty’ highlighted that. Makeup is there to make you feel better and being a girly girl, ‘doll’ seemed fitting too.

How involved were you in creating and designing the range?

Dainty Doll is my brand so it was really important I had ownership over it. I chose all the formulations and colours and designed the packaging. It took me 18 months to get the formulations and colours right. The whole team worked really hard in getting us there and I was so happy when we finally launched last year.
Nicola at the Launch of Dainty Doll

I’m not surprised, it’s a great range! What is your favourite item from the collection?

My favourite product from the collection is the Liquid Foundation. We worked really hard in getting the colours right. I tested everything on myself to make sure it was perfect.
Nicola's Favourite product from her range

What do your Girls Aloud band mates think of your range? Do they use any of your products?

The girls love my range and are always asking for their favourites. Cheryl loves the red lipstick (Saucy Sailor) and Kimberley loves the Wonderbalm. She’s all about her moisturising so this is perfect for her.

Wonderbalm in all its gorgeous glory! A beautiful sweet and fresh smelling balm which is great for moisturing a multitude of areas- from lips to elbows, cracked heels to hands and can be used sparingly on cheeks and eyelids to give a lovely fresh, dewey look.
Cheryl Cole's Lipstick shade of choice, Saucy Sailor!

Can anyone use Dainty Doll or is purely for us ivory skinned ladies?

My skin products range from fair to medium tone so it isn’t too restricted. Anyone can wear the rest of the products in the range, the lipstick, blushers, eyeliners etc so its there for all different skin tones.

Now on to something I ask everyone I interview, what’s in your make up bag today?

In my makeup bag there is my Wonderbalm and Mascara and Eyeliner Duo, as well as the Liquid Foundation. 

Mascara & Eyeliner Duo- a fab compact mascara and liquid eyeliner in one.

When do you feel most beautiful?

I actually feel most beautiful when I have my hair in a tight bun and just a base on with simple eyes and lips.

Has your perception of ‘beauty’ changed since becoming a huge celebrity?

I got into the band when I was 17. When I was younger I definitely had a different perception of beauty. I used to be quite narrow minded and thought it was all about having tanned skin. I then started to follow fashion and was introduced to so many different types of beauty. I became a lot more open minded about beauty and realised being unique is beautiful too. Now I am more focused on being an individual and just being myself. 

Nicola rocks the pale and very interesting look!
 Do you have a beauty Icon?

My beauty icon is Angelina Jolie, but I find inspiration from lots of women. Sometimes you can walk down the street and see the most gorgeous girl and be really inspired by her look.

What was the best beauty advice you have ever been given?

To always match your makeup to you skin tone.

Sound advice from the Girls Aloud lovely! So what do you think of this range? Have you tried any pieces from the collection? Do you think your likely to? 

Dainty Doll is available form Harrods with prices starting from £10


  1. Ive tried this range and love the wonderbalm too, great product x

  2. Im gonna be controversial and say that she always was my favorite member of girls aloud- natural and pretty!

  3. I adore Nicola, But was slightly disappointed in the pigmentation of the eyeshadows! I really want to give the blushes a go and see if they differ.

    Lucy x

  4. Love Nicola, and love her style. Great post x x


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