Monday, 3 October 2011

Biba's Lip Gloss Ring

September saw the re-launch of the globally iconic brand Biba, with their capsule collection being exclusively available at House of Fraser.

Biba is known for its affordable pieces and its fashion forward style with easy to wear shades and fab quality products.

Inspired by 1930’s Hollywood Glamour, the collection includes a Lip palette, Eye Palette, Face Palette, Nail Polish Collection, Eyelash Collection and my favourite item, a Lip Gloss Ring.

Biba’s  Lip Gloss ring is gorgeous! What an inspired idea, combining jewellery with make up, I love it.

We all know how small our gorgeous little bags can be that we take on nights out. The ones that we bought purely because they went with our dress/shoes/hair on that night and not for their practical uses. 

There’s barely room for your mobile and a compact in there let alone lipgloss’s, mascara’s and other such items that may be needed throughout the night.

That’s why I love this product so much!

Quite apart from the fact that the lip gloss is a gorgeous, subtle pink colour, extremely  moisturing and gives your lips a great shine- it can actually become part of your outfit for the night!

No more digging around in your bag to find your lip balm ore gloss when it needs a top up, just slide the lid of the ring across and voila!

At £15 it is such a bargain- you can often pay £15 for just a gloss on its own or £15 for just a ring, so to have two in one is a recession busting, amazing idea!

The Ring and the rest of the collection is available from House of Fraser now.


  1. HOW gorgeous are you! Never mind the ring! (which looks lovely too by the way!)

  2. I second that! Gorgeous girl, gorgeous ring and for £15- i want it! x

  3. That is so cute, I think Santa may well add that to lil missy's stocking as she loves lip gloss rings and she's getting old enough to appreciate a more glam version (she's 10)

  4. You look amazing, your eyes are just stunning. I have tried using lipgloss rings before, but i have tiny hands so they never seem to fit right :(
    Grace xx

  5. I reckon you would be ok with this one Grace- i have tiny fingers too and this fitted really snugly! x

  6. This is adorable, it's a really nice ring that i'd probably buy anyway and having a gloss inside makes it simply perfect! xx

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  7. This is going on my christmas list for sure!

  8. Never mind the gloss i love the ring lol! x


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