Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Benefit Watt's Up Reviewed

Benefit has launched its latest hi-lighter, Watt’s Up this month and as I promised back in August when I first brought this news to you, I’ve tested it out to let you know all about it.

Like all Benefit pieces I love its quirky name and its gorgeous packaging. It almost looks too pristine and pretty to use, but I quickly get over that and delved in!

I did question the need for such as fussy looking hi-lighter- I haven’t come across any which come with a special blending tool attached before, but I’m always up for new ideas, why not. (Though it did make me question just how much I was going to need to blend it!)


I was pleasantly surprised. The solid cream hi-lighter was lovely and silky to apply with great pigmentation- and this is when I realised why it needed the blending tip.

The Blending Tip
Once blended with the soft, round spongy tip the hi-lighter was transformed from a bright, harsh shade to a gorgeous soft tone.

Post Blending

Perfect to use to hi-light your cheekbones and below your eye brows, I really liked this product.

Watt’s Up is available now from Benefit for £24.50 but fear not, this item will last you ages!


  1. How pretty? Benefit can do little wrong in my opinion x

  2. Wow these swatches are brilliant, at first after seeing some other swatches I wasnt sure at all but this looks lovely!

  3. I looked at this a few weeks, it was so golden it looked like shimmery tango on my really pale skintone. Which is sad because on some people it looks amazing.

  4. I have been waiting to see swatches of this product as I keep forgetting to visit a counter to do it myself and now that I have I think I will definitely be buying this product, even though the price makes me wince a little :') but its such a gorgeous highlighter!


  5. i tried this out today at the counter, i love it! it's going on my payday list haha (: xxx

  6. Really want to try this! Looks so pretty xxx

  7. Awesome review! i really need this it looks sooo gorgeous!! (Blog)


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