Friday, 23 September 2022

Thierry Mugler Alien Goddess Eau De Parfum Intense


Alien Goddess Eau de Parfum Intense is the intoxicating new fragrance from Thierry Mugler.

Released a year after the launch of the original Alien Goddess, this deeper, more intense and provocative incarnation envelops you in a cloud of woody, floral and radiant amber notes.

Fuelled by an incandescent light, Alien Goddess’ inner strength is limitless and this bold, addictive fragrance is everything you would expect from the iconic Mugler brand.



Rich, opulent and sensual it creates a powerful, magnetic aura that empowers and bewitches the wearer.

The multi-faceted talisman bottle mirrors that of its predecessor but exudes a richer warmth with the amber coloured nectar tempting you from within the glistening jewel.

Adorned with a golden ombré effect to reflect its inner light, the vibrant, iconic bottle evokes a bright femininity.



Similar to the original, Alien Goddess Intense pays homage to its predecessor before taking you to new olfactory levels.

 The sumptuous signature notes of Calabrian Bergamot, Jasmine Grandiflorum Superinfusion and Vanilla Bourbon Infusion are amplified and modified with the addition of new elements.

In the words of Alien Goddess perfumers Marie Salamagne  and Nathalie Lorson;


 “An amplified, enveloping and generous olfactory signature, taking Alien Goddess one step further.”

The sumptuous scent bursts open with notes vibrant, zesty bergamot but unlike the original this tangy element has been softened by the addition of sweet, creamy coconut creating a bright and joyful opening experience.

At its elegant heart sits a recognisable superinfusion of radiant, floral Jasmine Grandiflorum blended expertly with a captivating new note of Jasmine Tea, creating a modern twist of the iconic white flower.


Base notes of sensual Benzoin, comforting Cashmeran and soft a creamy Madagascan vanilla infusion swirl in perfect harmony, enveloping the wearer in a luxurious, invisible veil of power and beauty.

It is an absolutely magnificent fragrance grounded in luxury and sensuality.

It is undeniably feminine but it is a strong femininity. Bold. Fearless. Powerful.



Primarily a well-rounded, deeply musky scent, it does also feels as though you can sense each individual olfactory element gently fizzing beneath the surface, respectfully allowing each separate note to have its time in the limelight.

Beautiful, elegant and addictive, it is a truly captivating fragrance.

Thierry Mugler’s Alien Goddess Eau de Parfum Intense is available now and costs £88 for 60ml.


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