Tuesday 20 September 2022

Pacifica Strawberry Peach Collection


As the seasons change and the cooler nights draw in you may find yourself longing for a bit of a pampering.

Think long, hot baths, slathering yourself in a delicious body cream and sinking into a pair of fluffy, warm pjs.

At least, that’s my idea of heaven!

I’ve found the perfect duo that will help to wash away the day and encourage a sense of wellbeing and relaxation.

They’re from Pacifica Beauty.



Pacifica is an accessible wellness brand with a commitment to our planet and the animals that inhabit it thanks to their 100% vegan and cruelty free formulations which are powered by a host of natural ingredients.

You may have caught my review of their Lavender Moon collection at the start of the year and now I’m here to talk about their delicious Strawberry Peach line.

Comprising of a body wash, body scrub and body lotion they’ve got your bod and pampering needs covered.

Beautifully presented in sleek, soft pink coloured tubes adorned with gold rainbows and hearts the bottles look just stunning on your bathroom shelf.

But we’re not here for eye candy are we, oh no, we’re here for the goodies!


My gosh what can I say about this fragrance.

Lets start with saying it is absolutely one of my favourite, fruitiest, sweetest bodycare scents I’ve ever come across, and I’ve tried a LOT.

Upon popping open the cap you’ll find your senses enveloped with the juiciest, sweetest, most refreshing and yet comforting aroma of sweet strawberries and ripe peach.

Soft with a subtle hint of tang, this scent is simply beautiful.

It smells genuinely real, as if you’ve taken a stroll through an orchard on a warm summers day. 



There is no chemical or synthetic smell about this collection and despite its sweetness, it isn’t sickly at all. Quite the opposite, it’s addictive.

Begin your fragrant experience with the Strawberry Peach Body Wash (£13).

Fabulously priced for such a decent sized bottle, this rich body wash takes inspiration from the principals of aromatherapy.

Featuring a blend of antioxidant rich aloe vera, strawberry, peach and Vitamin C along with moisture boosting hyaluronic acid, this luxurious gel gently cleanses your skin leaving it feeling silky, soft and hydrated.

Suitable for sensitive skin like mine, it doesn’t strip your skin of its natural moisture meaning you wont experience the sensation of dryness or tightness after your shower or bath.

Although marketed as a wash, I’ve found that if poured under the warm running water of a bath it actually transforms, creating a plethora of soft frothy bubbles.

It feels like a real treat bathing with this gorgeous wash and its mood boosting scent really does help to lift your mood and calm your mind.



Once you’ve managed to drag yourself away from your scrummy bath you can continue your pampering experience with the Strawberry Peach Body Lotion (£12).

I love layering my scents so there was no way I was going to step out of my fragrant bath without having a matching moisturiser to wrap myself in.

Silky, soft and surprisingly lightweight, this quick-absorbing moisturiser features sunflower oil to moisturise, arnica to relieve inflammation and calm skin irritation, antioxidant rich sea kelp and green and white tea extract to soften your skin plus a host of awesome fruit extracts. 



It literally does smell good enough to eat (but please don’t!) and left my skin feeling wonderfully soft, hydrated and comfortable.

I absolutely rate this brand and can’t wait to discover more of their gorgeous products.

Pacifica’s Strawberry Peach collection is available online now at Cult Beauty.


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