Wednesday, 14 September 2022

Sand & Sky Oil Control Clearing Moisturiser


As I hit my late thirties *sob*, I imagined myself on a never ending quest to find awesome anti-ageing skincare products to help in the fight against inevitable ageing skin.

 And to an extent that’s true. What I didn’t expect was to STILL be battling my oily, acne prone skin.

 Turns out when you leave your teens you’re not just suddenly blessed with a clear, flawless complexion. Its a bit of a bummer!


 BUT, there are solutions out there to help and the new Sand & Sky Oil Control Clearing Moisturiser is one.

 You may already be familiar with the brand thanks to its now iconic Australian Pink Clay mask, but the brand has now branched out and has a whole host of skincare loving goodies at your disposal.

 Presented in a soft green vessel with pump dispenser you’ll find their new oil control daily moisturiser.

 This lightweight, fragrance-free lotion has been created to help balance an oily complexion while calming inflammation, soothing inflamed pores, reinforces good bacteria and delivers essential long-lasting hydration without flooding or clogging your skin.


  Boasting a host of potent Australian botanicals, the pH-balanced formula is rich in antioxidant Vitamin C and E which help to heal wounds, acne, cuts and inflamed areas of skin while moisturising to soothe and hydrate skin for a more supple feel.

Suitable primarily for oily prone skin but gentle enough for use on sensitive, it contains natural prebiotics to promote a level of healthy bacteria which balances your skins microbiome, strengthening your skins barrier to fight against inflammation and external aggressors.

 As you may expect within a skincare product for acne prone complexions you’ll find a 1% dose of the beta hydroxy acid Salicylic Acid.

 Oil soluble, this nifty little element helps to reduce swelling and redness and penetrates clogged pores to gently exfoliate from within resulting in clearer skin.



 Humorously named ‘Australian Old Man Weed’ is an ingredient naturally high in thymol, a natural biotic and anti-inflammatory containing 5 antimicrobial, antioxidant flavonoids helps to deeply soothe irritated skin.

  Bolstered by a prebiotic sugar extract from the chicory root, Biolin helps to support a balanced skin microbiome and works to reduce redness and calm sensitised skin.

 Meanwhile, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) works to strengthen your skins barrier, reduces redness and creates a more even skintone.



 Its an impressive list of ingredients, but does it work?

Well actually, yes!

Once dispensed you’ll find that the moisturiser features the textures of a lightweight lotion, however once gently massaged into your skin it transforms from a soft white hue to a clear, serum-like texture.

Free from skin-irritating fragrances, the moisturiser feels beautifully silky and soft. Lightweight yet deeply hydrating, it is a tale of two halves.

 I totally get the mentality of trying to ‘dry’ out your skin when experiencing a breakout but actually that’s one of the worst things you can do that can seriously hinder your skins ability to heal, after all hydrated skin is healthy skin and this moisturiser manages to balance this perfectly.


 Upon application skin feels instantly soft and supple without any hint of greasiness or excess shine.

 It didn’t cause irritation or stinging to broken skin and much to my surprise helped to control my oily t-zone throughout the day.

 It gets a big thumbs up from me because as someone who also suffers with sensitive skin it can be hard to find the right combination of effective treatments with gentle products, but Sand & Sky have nailed it.

 Sand & Sky’s Oil Control Clearing Moisturiser is available now and costs £34.90 for 50ml.


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