Friday, 9 September 2022

Viktor & Rolf Good Fortune

 Good Fortune is the mysteriously exquisite new scent from fragrance powerhouse Viktor & Rolf.

 Inspired by Viktor & Rolf’s recent Spiritual Glamour Haute Couture Collection, Good Fortune is the physical incarnation of a new positive lifestyle, and olfactive manifesto for spirituality and self-potential.

 An expression of modern spirituality, Good Fortune is an invitation to those wishing to embrace their inner modern mystic, to follow their own path and trust their own innate power

 The embodiment of a new positive lifestyle, it empowers you to create your own destiny.



Given its powerful concept, it seems it has a lot to live up to but boy does it do this, from its bewitching vessel to its decadent scent.

 Good Fortune is captured within the most beautiful bottle.

 An elegant glass orb resembling a fortune tellers iconic crystal ball sits atop a regal, luxurious gold base.



 Wrapped around its neck is a gold ribbon bearing the iconic V&R logo sat against the backdrop of a  black flower.

 Atop sits a multi-faceted, amethyst inspired jewel cap, a symbol of power and positive energy.

 The intoxicating nectar radiates from within, its soft violet hue inviting you to explore its fragrant experience and release its power.



 And powerful it truly is.

 Good Fortune opens with a radiant explosion featuring a secret alchemy of fennel and gentian flower co-distilled.

Sat at its heart is a blooming Jasmine super-infusion with its velvety, solar notes created from an ingredient blended in India and exclusively tailor made for Viktor & Rolf.

 Its potent heart gradually gives way to an enchanting base, with a sweet, soft, creamy, captivating Bourbon vanilla creating a comforting and sumptuous experience.



 Together, these opulent elements create a truly unique and bold fragrance which envelops the wearer in an invisible veil of mystical magic.

 Powerful and one of a kind, Good Fortune is undeniably a floral scent but to simply describe it as such feels somewhat reductive.

  It is rich, possesses an addictive depth, is luxurious, lavish and quite frankly, beautiful.



 It is the kind of fragrance that will draw multiple compliments as people clamber over themselves to discover what it is you’re wearing.

Viktor & Rolf’s Good Fortune is available now and costs £59 for 30ml, £83 for 50ml and £114 for 90ml.


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