Tuesday, 13 September 2022

Diesel D by Diesel at Escentual


Diesel D is the brand new, exciting eau de toilette by Diesel.

This special, understated fragrance is unlike almost any other scent out there thanks to its vegan formula and gender fluid fragrant experience.

Banded as a ‘fragrance for everyone’, it has been inspired by the power of self expression and is marketed as ‘as universal as a pair of jeans and is designed for a better future.’

D is no ordinary fragrance that’s for sure and it all begins with the brands unwavering commitment to a sustainable future.

In fact, the fragrance has been entirely designed with a responsible approach, from the packaging to the bottle and then to the scent itself.

They are dedicated to end plastic usage and have reflected this by the removal of the cellophane wrapping on the outerpack, making it fully recyclable. The box itself is composed of 55% recycled cardboard too.


The heavy, transparent glass bottle containing the fragrance is refillable so can you enjoy its unique scent time after time plus it has been created using 25% recycled glass.

Way to go Diesel.

Speaking of the bottle, I can’t help but feel that it has been brilliantly designed.

Simplistic, clean and clear it offers full transparency in its appearance as if to reflect the honesty of the brand in its ethics.


The heavy glass bottle features the ‘Diesel’ branding along with the words ‘for successful living’.

It manages to embody both feminine and masculine traits, with the cool, rigidity of the glass paired with soft curves and asymmetric nature of its distinctive shape.

Indeed, this duality runs throughout the fragrance itself thanks to its captivating, adaptive and evolving nature.


Diesel D bursts into life with vibrant and aromatic notes of spicy ginger and radiant bergamot, offering an energizing and vibrant opening experience.

 This warmth gradually settles on your skin, giving way to a cooler, crisp and clean heart of denim cotton accord and sustainably sourced lavender from Provence.

The fresh, bright and light notes of cotton mingle with the subtle, soothing elements of calming lavender, transforming the fragrance as if you were pouring cool water on fiery flames.


Finally we reach the elegant and timeless base, a deep vanilla bourbon infusion.

Sustainably sourced Madagascan vanilla creates a sensual, soft, sweet and creamy facet that blends seamlessly with warm ambery woods resulting in a truly unique, captivating and empowering fragrance.

Complex, diverse and multi-faceted, it is a fabulous new fragrance which as bad as it is to admit, I fully expected to not like, at least not for myself.


However, I’m pleased to say that I have been completely blown away by this olfactory offering.

Now admittedly, upon first application I found myself double checking that it definitely was unisex as it certainly felt as if it had created a more masculine aura, however once warmed on your skin the cool, fresh notes took center stage and I found myself thoroughly enjoying the light, radiance it created.

Diesel D by Diesel is available now from Escentual and costs £36 for 30ml, £54 for 50ml and £74 for 100ml.


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