Thursday, 17 October 2019

Paul & Joe Pearl Foundation Primers 003 Pinot Noir

Primers don’t come much more eye-catchingly gorgeous than Paul & Joe’s Pearl Foundation Primer and this autumn they’ve launched two fresh, fruity, rich and full bodied additions.

Immerse yourself in the diverse aromas and flavours of beautiful wines this autumn with one of the new primers inspired by popular tipples in either 004 Muscadet or 003 Pinot Noir (£25 each).

Enjoy the intoxicating aroma of ripe grapes captured within a beautifully presented primer. 

What more could you possibly ask for?!

Inspired by various colourations of red and white wines, these new primers even skin tones to produce a soft, glowing complexion which is primed to perfection. 

I am complete in love with my new Pinot Noir primer.

Housed within the same beautiful and iconic, floral embossed glass vessel, Pinot Noir features a rich an sumptuous burgundy hued cap with gold detailing.

Suspended within the silky soft serum primer you’ll find a trio of pearl balls, shaped to resemble grapes.

Sparkling white, pale purple and ruby red pearls radiate outwards, ready to burst upon application and create a soft focus complexion that glows with health.

The  lightweight, gel-like texture of the primer has been formulated with a combination of moisturisers to ensure that your skin is left hydrated, nourished and provides a smooth, even finish which allows your make up to be applied on top with ease.

Active ingredients of orange flower water, white lily extract, apricot extract and hyaluronic acid work to ensure that skin is left in the most supple and dewy condition so your make up stays put all day long.

I just adore the texture of this primer. It is so light, almost like water which is perfect for my skin which can feel oily and congested.
It imparts just the most subtle hint of illumination from the iridescent pearl particles which creates a delicate glow without being over the top.

I can’t get enough of this ridiculously cute primers and boy do they look awesome sat on your dressing table!

Paul and Joe’s New Pearl Foundation Primer in 003 Pinot Noir is available now from and costs £25.

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