Sunday, 20 October 2019

KENZO World Power

KENZO World Power is the empowering new feminine scent from cult fashion brand KENZO.

Housed within the same iconic symbol of openness to the world, the eye has been reimagined and inspired by the KENZO fashion universe.

The silver outer pack with mirror reflections contains the eye with a transparent cap, sitting on top of the heart of the bottle which features the nectar within glowing a vibrant shade of yellow, the star colour of the latest KENZO fashion collection.

The new bottle combines a variety of different textured effects, from the ridges of the cap to the sleek, smooth glass of the jar and the metallic silver drop bead, reminiscent of the chrome buttons which adorn KENZO bombers, jeans and leather goods.

I love the way in which KENZO has created a bottle that compliments and reflects the integral element of the brand, fashion.

In this sense, the fragrance is almost an extension of the fashion line and in this manifestation, KENZO World Power seeks to celebrate empowerment and highlights the multifaceted aspects of femininity.
It does this not just in the contrasting textures and elements of the bottle, but in the complex and contrasting nature of the fragrance itself.

The perfume actively plays on deliberately contrasting accords to create a contemporary, ultra modern, oriental feminine scent which features not a solitary floral note.

KENZO World Power opens with notes of aromatic cypress, a bold and unusual choice as it is an element frequently found in men’s fragrances, however it offers a lively and contemporary experience.

Heart notes of Sea Salt Crystals create an offbeat freshness, lifting the scent with a luminous, sparkling and modern twist before base notes of fiery Tonka Bean, Oakmoss and Ambergris create an addictive swirl of sensuality. 

The unique composition offers contrasts of bitter, sweet and gourmand, creating a deliciously vivid, bold and appealing scent for the modern woman.

KENZO World Power may just be my favourite KENZO fragrance to date.

KENZO World Power is available now and costs £66.50 for 50ml.

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