Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Jean Paul Gaultier La Belle & Le Beau

La Belle and Le Beau are the exquisite new fragrances from Jean Paul Gaultier.

Born from the two iconic JPG Classic and Le Mâle fragrances, these stunning new scents have been stripped back and reimagined as an almost Adam and Eve type pair, designed to tempt and attract!

Residing within the same recognisable tin casings, both La Belle and Le Beau’s covers feature green hue’s reminiscent of a beautiful garden. 

Dare I hint at possibly shades inspired by the garden of Eden, as this is the vibe I’m getting though of course in this case it is the garden of Jean Paul Gaultier!

La Belle’s is a soft, feminine almond green with the gold letters of the Jean Paul Gaultier logo gleaming outwards, inviting you to reach out and touch them.

By contrast, Le Beau’s offers a more masculine, dark emerald green hue.

La Belle’s bottle has to be one of the most stunning fragrance bottles I’ve ever laid my eyes upon.

It is of course moulded in the shape of a woman’s bust, with soft feminine cures, a slim waist and the iconic hourglass figure.

A lavish, gold, rose necklace adorns her neck and the sensual, smoky red/pink nectar within catches your eye, tempting you to set it free.

Mirroring La Belle’s naked form is Le Beau, with his bare chest, slender figure and prominent muscles which scream masculinity.

Le Beau wears only a single gold vine leaf to preserve his modesty, a very ‘adam and eve’ image if ever there were!

The green juice within mirrors the same earthy shades of the case, shimmering and enticing you to explore it in all its glory.

Together, the pair are ready to lead you into temptation.

La Belle is a truly luminous, addictive and voluptuous fragrance which opens with top notes of mellow yet juicy pear which combine with heart notes of bergamot and vetiver to create a swirling freshnesss that quenches the soul.

Base notes of oriental vanilla offer a sweet warmth which wraps its arms around the entire fragrance leaving a sensual, feminine yet light and enchanting fragrance.

Le Beau mirrors this natural lightness with top notes of refreshing bergamot combined with heart notes of relaxing and soothing coconut wood.

Base notes of tonka bean offer a sexy smoothness, creating an intensely provocative and innately masculine scent.

While they may have been created as stand-alone scents, they undoubtedly complement one another entirely, with Gaultier saying himself "They go well together. Forever and ever.”

Sensuous, tempting and enchanting, Le Belle and La Beau are both exquisite fragrances with intoxicating facets for the modern man and woman.

They effortlessly epitomise innate sensuality.

Jean Paul Gaultier La Belle and Le Beau are both available now from Fragrance Direct where Le Belle retails at £70 for 50ml and Le Beau at £52.50 for 75ml.

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