Sunday, 6 October 2019

Lancôme Idôle

Idôle is the exquisite new fragrance from Lancôme.

Created for and inspired by women who dare to dream and women who defy expectations, who are the leaders and innovators of tomorrow, strong, outspoken and empowered Idôle features artist, activist and leader Zendaya as the face of the fragrance.

The stunning actress embodies the courage and conviction that powers women who refuse to be constrained by convention. She will not be defined by a single talent or restricted by expectations. 

Bold, unapologetic and brave, she fearlessly forges her own path.

 And so, the time is now to be your own Idôle.

Every aspect of this bold and feminine scent screams individuality and this couldn’t be more apparent than in the form of the vessel that holds the nectar.

The Idôle bottle is one of the slimmest in the world to date at just 15 mm thick.

An absolute work of art, the glass surfaces feel so thin that the fragrance actually appears to be holding itself in the palm of your hand.

The clear glass has been simply outlined with a gold frame, allowing the joyful pink juice within to shine out.

The bottle is reminiscent of a jewel, precious and timeless.

Designer of the unique bottle says of his creation;

"While for many decades, exterior status symbols partially dictated the design of beauty objects—those created to reign in our bathrooms, to dethrone the ordinary—, in today's world it is weightlessness and travel-friendliness that set the tone for the scale of value. This is why a fun, easy-to-handle perfume bottle that fits into the palm of the hand—that may be laid flat, slipped into a pocket, and taken along anywhere—is a companion whose extreme discretion contributes to its extreme distinctiveness." – Chafik Gasmi

Idôle is undeniably beautiful to gaze upon but what is held within is equally captivating.

Structured like a kaleidoscope, Idôle’s fragrant, floral accords create a fragrance which allows the wearer to exude confidence and femininity.

It opens with notes of bergamot essence before heart notes of alluring rose essence and rose absolute burst through, reflecting the complexity of femininity with its treacherous thorns and alluring scent.

Radiant, sensual and alluring oil of Jasmine Absolutes acts as a generous and soft accompaniment to Idôle’s rose-filled heart before base notes of patchouli heart essence, cedar essence and vanilla extract offer a fresh, clean and sophisticated element to complete the elegant scent.

Distinctive, beautiful and fresh it is a stunning fragrance which sparkles with radiance and confidence.

Floral yet uplifting, soft yet powerful it manages to capture perfectly precisely what Lancôme set out to achieve, the opportunity to be your own Idôle.

Lancôme Idôle is available to buy now from The Fragrance Shop and costs £75 for 50ml.

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