Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Philips RéAura

Did you know that Philips has launched a new light based anti-ageing solution?

Did you know that it has been developed with the makers of Fraxel laser technlology, the gold standard in professional laser skin rejuvenation?

Did you know that the product can provide salon results but is for home use?

No? Allow me to introduce you to the Philips RéAura laser skin rejuvenator.
  The RéAura is clinically proven to achieve results and provides three simultaneous benefits.
 93% of users who trialed Philips RéAura saw visible improvement in their skin’s appearance, 81% of users experiencing a reduction in fine lines and 83% benefiting from a more even skin tone.
Sounds too good to be true eh? But how does it work, and indeed does it actually work?

Given that I am only 26 and while I may display an impressive pair of crow’s feet, I felt that better results may be generated on more mature skin, so I handed it over to my mother.

The Reaura device comes with a laser gel and hydrating cream as well as a comprehensive set of easy to understand instructions. Put simple, the device is used in the following way:

  • Firstly, apply the laser performance gel liberally to the area you plan on using the device on.
  • Secondly, treat the skin with the device according to the instructions provided.
(For best results, users need to treat their skin consistently, twice a week, for eight weeks)
  • Finish by hydrating the area using the specially formulated laser aftercare complex which hydrates and soothes the skin during the process of cell renewal.
Example from Philips of results

Example from Philips of results

The results?

My mum gave this a go for the recommended 8 weeks and had mixed feelings on the results.

Honestly, they don’t say no pain no gain for nothing. I tried the device on my hand and arm and it feels a little like hot pin pricks and it does cause redness for a considerable time after use. The best time to use it is at night where you can sleep the redness off.

For the first few weeks my mum noticed that her combination skin had begun to feel rather dry, whether this is a common side effect or just her skins reaction to the treatment I am unsure.

As the weeks progressed she said she fell into the routine of using it quickly and it became easier and quicker to use with practice.

While she reported clearer, healthier looking skin, she was skeptical as to how well it had worked on her fine lines.

I noticed that her skin tone was far more even and on one occasion thought she was wearing foundation when in fact she wasn’t.

 The Verdict?

At £799 the Philips RéAura is not for everyone. It is expensive and demands patience and diligence to ensure it is used properly and regularly.

On the other hand, it is far cheaper than having a similar procedure done in a salon or clinic and my mum’s skin did indeed look more fresh and toned.

The Philips RéAurais available exclusively at SpaceNK.


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