Tuesday, 17 January 2012

No7 Airbrush Away Primer

 Flawless skin is a big deal in the beauty world but is something that most of us can but dream of possessing.
Thankfully, for those of us not genetically blessed with perfect skin, No7 have kindly created a fantastic primer which goes a long way to helping you flaunt picture perfect skin.

The No7 Airbrush Away Primer allows reduces the appearance of the signs of ageing instantly with the use of light-diffusing particles which appear to smooth fine lines and wrinkles and put uneven skin tone and pores into soft focus. 
When used under foundations and moisturisers the silicon base provides wonderfully soft textured skin which helps your foundation stay in place longer.

Also, I found that the primer helped to keep my oily prone skin under control, with me only needing to blot my t-zone a couple of times during the day which was great.

You can see from the photos below the effect the primer has on your skin, with one hand which has had a thin layer of the primer applied, appearing younger and softer than the other.
While this is not the only ‘soft focus/high definition’ primer on the market at the moment, I much preferred this formulation.

Above : (L) With No7 Airbrush Away Primer. (R) Without Primer 
It is soft and light and doesn’t react with or disturb your foundation when you apply it.
At £19.50 exclusively from Boots it is not the cheapest primer on the market. That said, can you really put a price on flawless skin?
What do you think? Have you tried No7’s Airbrush Away Primer?


  1. Its great when you can actually see results in photos. I agree its more pricey than others, but that depends on how you look at things, Id rather pay slightly more and save this for occasions where I want to look stunning. great review and great photos x

  2. Now this is where No7 vouchers come in handy! I've been using the L'Oreal primer, which is great, but like trying different ones. Heard good things about Smashbox primers, too x

  3. I LOVE the No7 vouchers! I always find them stuffed in the bottom of my bag or purse but they are well worth keeping! x

  4. I just spotted it last week in boots and was consdiering it, but had just bought another one a few days earlier. I agree that on my hand it took away years, so hopeful it will do the same on my face!

  5. I really want to try this but the price is far to high for me. Www.dream1ncolour.com


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