Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Lynx for Girls??

This morning while browsing the pages of ebay for a bargain, I came across a really exciting, baffling and intriguing listing.

I’ve pasted it below for you to see & you can get onto the ebay page here.

You are bidding on the first ever can of Lynx for girls!
 Lynx Attract ‘For Her’ is an unreleased fragrance and it’s not going to be available in shops until later this year – so be the first to own it now!
 For the first time ever, Lynx have made a fragrance specially for girls. Plans for the launch are supposed to be top-secret until it hits the shops later this year, but you can get hold of one of only can available in the country TODAY! 
 Get bidding now and this historical new can of Lynx could be yours!!!

Initially I thought this was clearly some kind of fake item, but the more I re-read the listing and the more I looked at the photos I found myself questioning whether it could be true?

Am I missing a trick, its not April fools day yet is it?? 

Have Lynx, the super male orientated brand really created a fragrance for girls?? 

If so, how has this got onto ebay before anything has been announced?? 

What do you think, can this really be real or is just a big fat fake?


  1. I can see why a brand would want to expand its market to women, if they thought it would be more profitable, but then again, how did this guy get hold of one so early and is allowed to sell it online? plus ebay is full of fakes. i vote for fake!

  2. I dont know, that was my thinking too! It looks pretty genuine and surely if it wasnt Lynx would take the post down? I dont know!

  3. Oh my this definitely grabbed my attention! Maybe it has been released elsewhere and hasn't made it over to the uk yet?xxx

  4. Maybe, but I havent heard of it being released anywhere though and surely the UK would be 1 of the first places for it to launch? x

  5. People at Uni were talking about a lynxs for girls coming out which with the ebay post makes me think its real. Possibly taken without lynz knowledge by a researcher or promotor.

  6. maybe its a tester but they dont normally use their bottles

  7. Lynx for girls is true. Check out this (Axe is the American name for Lynx)

  8. Also it has been out in America for 8 days already. Don't believe me then look at Axe on facebook and all the details of the new Lynx is there

  9. Hmm maybe it is real! :D Though stupid of them to sell it on ebay, though somebody who can't wait will bid a stupid amount for a can :/

  10. Wow after what Nikku said I hope it is true! Sounds like a great idea - I wanna be a man magnet too haha!

  11. Yeah, it's real! I blogged about it just a few days ago. Mad eh?xx

  12. Well it came out two or three months after this post in Australia :)


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