Wednesday 4 January 2012

Get Ready for Chocomania at The Body Shop!

The Body Shop are officially genuis’.

Just as many of us begin our ‘new year, new healthy eating’ regime, they are bringing out an amazing  limited edition range of products.

‘What does healthy eating have to do with that?’ I hear you cry.

It’s only been a few days since you waved a sad, solemn goodbye to your faithful, Christmas bumper tins of Celebration’s, Roses and Quality Street’s and will be most likely be beginning to find yourselves in the deep, dark depths of some form of chocolate withdrawal. 

  No? Just me?! Ok…

Well, crave it no more my friends as The Body Shop introduce Chocomania into our lives!

The decadent and sumptuous range contains a Shower Cream (£4), Body Scrub (£12.50), Body Lotion (£8), Lip Butter (£4) and gorgeous heart shaped soaps (£2), all of which contain The Body Shop’s trademark Community Fair Trade Cocoa Butter and their Body Butter includes organic sugar cane.

Are you salivating too?

Available from February the range is out just in time for Valentines day and would make the perfect gift for him or her- after all, giving actual chocolates is so last year (not to mention unoriginal) and this way you can immerse yourself in pure, indulgent, chocolate gluttony while keeping a clear conscience and sticking to your new healthy eating regime!


  1. Mnn good enough to eat! Cant wait to get my hands on these! I wonder hoe good they smell! x

  2. Im always sceptical of 'chocolate' scented products as they rarely smell like the real deal, but im pretty excited to try these! Thanks for the heads up

  3. YES im salivating! How cute are those little heart soaps! I hope they put them in all Body Shop stores, even the smaller ones- i dont want to miss out on these!

  4. these look great! I hope this scent comes to the states!

  5. Mmm, what a fab and yummy idea! *licks lips* x

  6. ahh, i loveeee the body butter will def be going in for a smell on them and seeing if they're any good!!

  7. sounds gorgeous! can't wait! x

  8. These look gorgeous, perfect for Valentine's Day *adds to wishlist.

  9. J'adore les savons en forme de coeurs. I love the heart shaped soaps!

  10. Love these products?
    You can have £29 products for £8 - ask me how!

    Chocolate Collection:
    Chocomania Shower Cream 250ml
    Chocomania Body Scrub 200ml
    Chocomania Body Butter 200ml

    I'm a Bodyshop Consultant and have some great deals on all products!

  11. sooo very excited for this collection to launch!


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